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REBOL [ Title: "Dual Column Text" Date: 5-Oct-2001/7:22-8:00 Version: 1.0.0 File: %dual-col.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: "Shows an easy way to make dual column text." Email: %carl--pacific--net Web: library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: none domain: [GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] page-width: 600 size-lay: layout [sizer: text] split-text: func [text width /local size] [ ; Used for column sizing. Returns second column break and column height. sizer/text: text sizer/size/x: width sizer/line-list: none size: size-text sizer offset-to-caret sizer size / 2 * 0x1 ] make-cols: func [content width /local where] [ ; Returns a face that holds both columns where: split-text content width layout [ across origin 0 backcolor snow text as-is width copy/part content where text as-is width copy where ] ] make-body: func [titl byline date content /local out bx] [ ; Returns a face that has title, byline, date, and columns. body: make-cols content page-width / 2 body/offset: 0x0 out: layout [ origin 15 space 4x10 backcolor snow h1 titl h4 reform ["By" byline "on" date] box page-width * 1x0 + 4x3 edge [size: 1x1 color: gray effect: 'bevel] bx: box body/size ] bx/pane: body out ] view make-body "Dual Column Layout Example" "Carl Sassenrath" system/script/header/date read %dual-col.r
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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