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#!/usr/local/bin/rebview -qvs REBOL [ Title: "CSS Sprite creator" Author: %onetom--hackerspace--sg Date: 2011-02-20 File: %css-sprite.r ] types: [%*.gif %*.png] sprite: %sprite.png test: %sprite.html spacing: 0x1 name: func[f][ rejoin ["sprite-" head clear find copy f suffix? f]] files: remove-each f read %. [f = sprite or not any map-each t types [find/any f t]] montage: collect [ foreach f files [keep 'image keep f] ] save/png sprite to-image layout/tight compose [ backdrop space spacing pad 0x0 (montage)] offset: 0x0 css: map-each f files [ i: load-image f class: name f rule: rejoin [ "."class" {width: "i/size/x"px; height: "i/size/y"px; " "background: transparent url("sprite") 0 "offset/y"px no-repeat;}" lf ] offset: offset - i/size - spacing rule ] sprites: map-each f files [ reform [build-tag [div class (name f)] </div>] ] images: map-each f files [ build-tag [img src (f)] ] write test reduce [ <html> <head> <style> ; personal debug ; "body {background: url(}" lf ; "div, img {border: solid 1px red}" lf "body {background: grey}" lf "div, img {float: left}" lf css </style> </head> <body> <div>Sprites:</div> sprites <div>Images:</div> images </body> </html> ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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