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REBOL [ Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'module domain: 'files tested-under: [ [Base 2.5.6 on WinXP by Gregg] [Core 2.5.6 on WinXP by Gregg] [View [1.2.5 1.2.8 1.2.46 1.2.56] on WinXP by Gregg] ; uses ATTEMPT, which is not in view 1.2.1 ] support: none license: 'MIT see-also: "Cookie-Jar article" ] title: "cookie-jar reader/writer" file: %cookie-jar-lib.r author: "Gregg Irwin" email: %greggirwin--acm--org date: 29-Mar-2005 version: 0.0.1 purpose: { Parses cookie-jar files and returns a block of records. Records are blocks of either strings or name-value pairs. if /keep-comments is used there will be two fields for each record: 'content and 'comment; comment may be none. } comment: { * No backslash escaping in place yet } ] ctx-cookie-jar: context [ last-result: none data: copy [] mode: 'no-comments no-comments?: does [mode = 'no-comments] ;-- Parse vars rec-content=: make string! 256 rec-comment=: none emit: func [content comment] [ if content [ repend/only data either no-comments? [content] [[ 'content copy content 'comment attempt [copy comment] ]] ] ] ;-- parse rules space: charset " ^-" ; space tab rec-sep: "^/%" record: [ (rec-content=: rec-comment=: none) copy rec-content= to rec-sep thru rec-sep opt #"%" opt [any space copy rec-comment= to newline skip] ( emit rec-content= rec-comment= ) ] last-record: [ copy rec-content= to end (emit rec-content= none) ] records: [any [record] opt last-record] set 'load-cookie-jar func [jar [file! string!] /keep-comments] [ mode: either keep-comments ['keep-comments] ['no-comments] clear data last-result: parse/all either file? jar [read jar] [jar] records data ] set 'save-cookie-jar func [data [block!] file [file! url!] /local buffer] [ buffer: copy "" foreach rec data [ repend buffer either string? rec [ [rec "^/%%^/"] ][ [rec/content "^/%% " any [rec/comment ""] "^/"] ] ] write file buffer clear buffer ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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