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Rebol [ Author: "Ladislav Mecir" Date: 12-May-2006/15:58+2:00 Purpose: {REBOL code from the bindology article} File: %contexts.r Title: "Contexts" ] do spelling?: func [ {return the spelling of a WORD} word [any-word!] ] [ case [ word? :word [mold :word] set-word? :word [head remove back tail mold :word] true [next mold :word] ] ] variable?: func [ {is the given WORD a variable?} word [any-word!] ] [ found? bind? :word ] different-binding: func [ { for a given WORD yield a word having strict equal spelling, equal type and different binding } word [any-word!] {the given word} ] [ bind :word case [ 'self = :word [use [self] ['self]] set-word? :word [make object! reduce [:word none]] true [first second make function! reduce ['self :word] [self]] ] ] aliases?: func [ {find out, if WORD1 and WORD2 are aliases} word1 [any-word!] word2 [any-word!] ] [ found? all [ equal? :word1 :word2 not strict-equal? spelling? :word1 spelling? :word2 ] ] same-variable?: func [ {are WORD1 and WORD2 the same variable?} word1 [any-word!] word2 [any-word!] ] [ found? all [ equal? :word1 :word2 equal? bind? :word1 bind? :word2 ] ] aliases?: func [ {find out, if WORD1 and WORD2 are aliases} word1 [any-word!] word2 [any-word!] /local context ] [ found? all [ equal? :word1 :word2 ( if context: any [bind? :word1 bind? :word2] [ word1: in context :word1 word2: in context :word2 ] ; WORD1 and WORD2 have equal binding now not same? :word1 :word2 ) ] ] context-words?: func [ {get the words in a given CONTEXT} context [object!] ] [ bind first context context ] global-context: bind? 'system global?: func [ {find out if a WORD is global} word [any-word!] ] [ same? global-context bind? :word ] local?: func [ {find out, if a WORD is local} word [any-word!] ] [ not any [ none? bind? :word global? :word ] ] code-string: { 'f 'g 'h use [g h] [ colorize "USE 1" 'f 'g 'h use [h] [ colorize "USE 2" 'f 'g 'h ] ] } emit: func [text [char! string! block!]] [ append result either block? text [rejoin text] [text] ] colorize: func [ {emit a table row containing text and the colorized code block} text [string!] /local space? ] [ emit ["^/|-^/| " text "^/| "] space?: "" parse code-block rule: [ ( emit [space? #"["] space?: "" ) any [ [ set word any-word! ( emit [ space? {<font color="} case [ not bind? :word ["brown"] global? :word ["blue"] equal? bind? :word bind? code-block/6/4 ["red"] equal? bind? :word bind? code-block/6/8/5 [ "magenta" ] ] {">} mold :word </font> ] ) | into rule | set word skip ( emit [space? mold :word] ) ] (space?: " ") ] (emit #"]") ] ] make-context-model: func [ {context creation simulation} words [block!] {context words, needs to be non-empty} ] [ bind? first use words reduce [reduce [first words]] ] use-model: function [ {USE simulation, works for non-empty WORDS block} [throw] words [block!] "Local word(s) to the block" body [block!] "Block to evaluate" ] [new-context] [ unless empty? words [ ; create a new context new-context: make-context-model words ; bind the body to the new Context bind body new-context ] do body ] nm-use: func [ { Defines words local to a block. Does't modify the BODY argument. } [throw] words [block!] {Local words to the block} body [block!] {Block to evaluate} ] [ use words copy/deep body ] spec-eval: func [ {evaluate the SPEC like MAKE OBJECT! does} spec [block!] ] [ any-type? catch [loop 1 spec] ] make-object!-model: function [ {MAKE OBJECT! simulation} spec [block!] ] [set-words object sw] [ ; find all set-words in SPEC set-words: copy [self] parse spec [ any [ copy sw set-word! (append set-words sw) | skip ] ] ; create a context with the desired local words object: make-context-model set-words ; set 'self in object to refer to the object object/self: object ; bind the SPEC to the blank object bind spec in object 'self ; evaluate it spec-eval spec ; return the value of 'self as the result return get/any in object 'self ] specbind: function [ {bind only known-words} block [block!] known-words [block!] ] [p w bind-one kw] [ bind-one: [ p: [ copy w any-word! ( if kw: find known-words first w [ change p bind w first kw ] ) | copy w [path! | set-path! | lit-path!] ( if kw: find known-words first first w [ change p bind w first kw ] ) | into [any bind-one] | skip ] ] parse block [any bind-one] block ] make-proto: function [ {MAKE PROTO simulation} proto [object!] spec [block!] ] [set-words object sw word value spc body pwords] [ ; get local words from proto set-words: copy first proto ; append all set-words from SPEC parse spec [ any [ copy sw set-word! (append set-words sw) | skip ] ] ; create a blank object with the desired local words object: make-context-model set-words object/self: object ; copy the contents of the proto pwords: bind first proto object repeat i (length? first proto) - 1 [ word: pick next first proto i any-type? set/any 'value pick next second proto i any [ all [string? get/any 'value set in object word copy value] all [ block? get/any 'value value: specbind copy/deep value pwords set in object word value ] all [ function? get/any 'value spc: load mold third :value body: specbind copy/deep second :value pwords set in object word func spc body ] any-type? set/any in object word get/any 'value ] ] bind spec object spec-eval spec return get/any in object 'self ] locals?: func [ {Get all locals from a spec block.} spec [block!] /args {get only arguments} /local locals item item-rule ] [ locals: make block! 16 item-rule: either args [ [ refinement! to end (item-rule: [end skip]) | set item any-word! (insert tail locals to word! :item) | skip ] ] [ [ set item any-word! (insert tail locals to word! :item) | skip ] ] parse spec [any item-rule] locals ] set-words: func [ {Get all set-words from a block} block [block!] /deep {also search in subblocks/parens} /local elem words rule here ] [ words: make block! length? block rule: either deep [ [ any [ set elem set-word! ( insert tail words to word! :elem ) | here: [block! | paren!] :here into rule | skip ] ] ] [ [ any [ set elem set-word! ( insert tail words to word! :elem ) | skip ] ] ] parse block rule words ] funcs: func [ {Define a function with auto local and static variables.} [throw] spec [block!] {Help string (opt) followed by arg words with opt type and string} init [block!] {Set-words become static variables, shallow scan} body [block!] {Set-words become local variables, deep scan} /local svars lvars ] [ ; Preserve the original Spec, Init and Body spec: copy spec init: copy/deep init body: copy/deep body ; Collect static and local variables svars: set-words init lvars: set-words/deep body unless empty? svars [ ; create the static context and bind Init and Body to it use svars reduce [reduce [init body]] ] unless empty? lvars: exclude exclude lvars locals? spec svars [ ; declare local variables insert any [find spec /local insert tail spec /local] lvars ] do init make function! spec body ] function!-model: make object! [ spec: none body: none context: none context-words: none recursion-level: none ] func-model: function [ {create a function!-model} spec [block!] body [block!] ] [result aw] [ result: make function!-model [] ; SPEC and BODY are deep copied result/spec: copy/deep spec result/body: copy/deep body ; context words are collected from SPEC result/context-words: locals? spec either empty? result/context-words [ result/context: [[] []] ] [ result/context: make-context-model result/context-words bind result/body result/context bind result/context-words result/context ] ; RECURSION-LEVEL is set to zero result/recursion-level: 0 result ] call-stack-model: make block! [] exec: func [body] [do body] evaluate-model: function [ {evaluate a function!-model} f-model {the evaluated function!-model} values [block!] {the supplied values} ] [old-values result] [ ; detect recursive call if (f-model/recursion-level: f-model/recursion-level + 1) > 1 [ ; push the old values of context words to the stack insert/only tail call-stack-model second f-model/context ] set/any f-model/context-words values ; execute the function body error? set/any 'result exec f-model/body ; restore the former values from the stack, if needed if (f-model/recursion-level: f-model/recursion-level - 1) > 0 [ ; pop the old values of the context words from the stack set/any f-model/context-words last call-stack-model remove back tail call-stack-model ] return get/any 'result ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage