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REBOL [ Title: "Send Message to GSM Cellphone" Date: 16-Jun-2000 File: %cellphone.r Author: "Graham Chiu" Usage: { just run this script after changing the placeholders below You have to register at to use their service which is free. Then change the details of myusername ( should be your email address ) mypassword ( the one you gave MTN ) myfavs ( eg. "Bloggs, Joe" - where this person appears in the drop down menu when you use a browser to access ) mynumber ( telephone number eg. +642112345678 ) mymsg ( The short text message of less than about 140 chars ) You'll also have to change the hidden variable values of LenXSig to whatever yours turn out to be. Just look at the source of the web page at their send message page. } Purpose: { To post a message via MTN's SMS gateway to a GSM phone } Email: %gchiu--compkarori--co--nz Notes: "^/ Gotta write something here.^/ " library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: 'tool domain: 'web tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] do %cookies-client.r tmp: http-post [ "returl" "/" "username" "myusername" "password" "mypassword" "logon" " login " "akey" "yes" ] ; the session cookie is now sitting in cookie-data, and persistent cookie in tmp/set-cookie parse tmp/set-cookie [ copy cookie-data2 to " " ] ; copies tmp/set-cookie to cookie-data2 as req. by http-postc tmp: http-post-cookie [ "favs" "myfavs" "msgTo" "mynumber" "msgText" "mymsg" "msgCL" "0" "msgSig" "0" "send" " send " "lenSSig" "7" "lenLSig" "12" "lenSysSig" "11" ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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