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REBOL [ Title: "CD Track Titles" Date: 30-01-2008 File: %cd-track-titles.r Author: R. v.d.Zee Owner: "R. v.d.Zee" Rights: "Copyright (C) R. v.d.Zee 2008" Purpose: { This script illustrates a method of obtaining the track titles of music CDs so that the titles may become part of a CD directory or data base - without typing each title in manually. } Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [demo how-to] domain: [cgi shell] support: none tested-under: [View [Windows]] license: none ] Note: { The 8Hex Digit ID needed to extract the CD data from the data bank is provided by "discid", a small C++ program. "discid" may be obtained from (Roland Schäuble) This download is a compressed tar file and includes versions for other operating systems. If using the Windows operating system, "7-zip"," is an open source application that might be useful to extract the necessary file from the distribution. The required executable file in the uncompressed distribution folder is: discid-0.1.3/src/win32/native/release/discid - and it is all that is needed. This file is to be placed in the current path, that is, C:\WINDOWS\system32. The Rebol command "call/output" is used to call "discid" and to capture the "discid" output. An example of "discid" output is: 670FF708 8 150 76675 109525 133450 150400 199300 220900 256900 4089 670FF708 is the CD's ID, there are 8 tracks and the total time is 4,089 seconds. The rest of the integers represent track offsets. A track offset is the measure of the track starting point from the start of the CD, and is measured in "frames". The duration of a frame is 1/.75 seconds. The Freedb cgi command line: "cmd=cddb+read+classical+670FF708&" or: - database "cddb" - command "read" - genre "classical" - 8hex id code "670FF708" - user's id "Example-User" - user's isp "" - client name "rebol" - client version "" - protocol # "proto=6" The script assumes that drive "E" is the CD drive. The output is displayed and may be copied to the clipboard. (or the output could be parsed & entered into a local database.) The script will work with the default values of "Example-User" and "". Supplying the user's correct information is encouraged, two fields are included for this. The script will save the new user name and isp back to the script, see the "Quit" button scripts. Note that a search with a "Misc" genre & the id code "670ff708" provides the titles of the CD "SINTFLUT_CD8_von_8", Marianne Fredriksson. But a search with a "Classical" genre and the same id code "670ff708" also provides titles for "The Best of Liszt, Franz Liszt". If it occurs that the track offset data and times of the CD are the same as other CDs, then the id code generated by that data may not be unique. Other scripts that may be of interest: - %gunzip.r a script by Vincent Ecuyer that can decompress tar files. This script is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non infringement. In no event shall the author or copyright holder(s) be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in this script. } ] genres: ["Blues""Folk""Reggae""Classical""Jazz""Rock""Country""Misc""Soundtrack""Data""New Age"] sort genres insert genres "Genres" genre-selected?: false colors: [ pen none fill-pen cubic 1158x1009 0 63 241 5 7 box 0x0 500x440 pen none fill-pen linear -336x-57 0 145 9 3 9 box 0x0 500x440 pen none fill-pen conic 1094x1139 0 265 330 9 6 box 0x0 500x440 ] view layout [ size 500x440 backdrop effect [gradient 0x1 255.255.255 190.190.190 draw colors] across space 0 information: area 440x340 black black wrap with [font/color: green] info-scroller: scroller 16x340 black coal [scroll-para information info-scroller] return space 1 pad 40x2 enter-user: field black black "Example-User" enter-isp: field black black "" return pad 250x4 choose-genre: choice data genres 70x22 233.233.233 green left with [ edge/size: 1x1 edge/color: coal font/colors: [0.0.0 255.0.0] font/shadow: font/style: none font/size: 11 ][ if face/text <> "Genres" [ genre: lowercase trim/all copy face/text genre-selected?: true ] ] btn "Get Titles" [ if exists? %/e [ either genre-selected? [ genre-selected?: false if info-scroller/data <> 0 [reset-face info-scroller reset-face information] information/text: "discid is examining the Cd" show information discid-output: make string! 100 call/output [%/c/windows/system32/discid] discid-output wait 1 information/text: join "discid output is:" newline append information/text join newline discid-output show information append information/text { Accessing Freedb.Org... } show information genre: lowercase trim/all copy choose-genre/text disc-data: parse discid-output none disc-id: first disc-data user-name: trim/all copy enter-user/text isp: trim/all copy enter-isp/text command-string: rejoin ["cmd=cddb+read+" genre "+" disc-id "&hello=" user-name "+" isp "+rebol+.1.32&proto=6"] freedb-output: read/binary/custom reduce ['POST command-string] information/text: to-string freedb-output choose-genre/data: head choose-genre/data choose-genre/text: first choose-genre/data show [choose-genre information] ][ alert "Please Select A Genre" ] ] ] btn "Close" [ script-lines: read/lines %cd-track-titles.r while [not find first script-lines "enter-user:"][script-lines: next script-lines] parse first script-lines [thru "^"" copy old-user to "^""] parse second script-lines [thru "^"" copy old-isp to "^""] if any [ old-user <> enter-user/text old-isp <> enter-isp/text ][ save-changes: confirm "Save User/ISP Changes?" if save-changes [ replace first script-lines old-user trim/all enter-user/text replace second script-lines old-isp trim/all enter-isp/text script-lines: head script-lines write/lines %cd-track-titles.r script-lines ] script-lines: head script-lines ] quit ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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