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REBOL [ name: 'CAS-RN title: "CAS Registry Number" file: %cas-rn.r home: none date: 2005-10-25 version: 1.0.1 home: none author: "Daniel Rybowski" email: %HJWRKOJWLMJJ--spammotel--com ; Yes, this is a real email address! purpose: {The CAS Registry ( is a widely used database of chemical substances. The CAS Registry Numbers are a "de facto" standard for the identification of chemical substances. This module contains helper functions to handle CAS Registry Numbers.} history: [ "Daniel Rybowski" 1.0.1 2005-10-25 "Parse in func split uses a charset." "Daniel Rybowski" 1.0.0 2005-10-22 "Initial release." ] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [module function tool] domain: 'scientific tested-under: "View on Windows XP" support: none license: 'cc-by-sa see-also: none ] ] cas-rn: context [ exists?: func [ {Returns TRUE if a CAS Registry Number is valid and has been allocated by the CAS.} cas-rn [issue!] "The CAS RN to verify." /local last-cas-rn cas-rn-1 last-cas-rn-1 ][ found? all [ valid? cas-rn parse read [ thru "CAS RN" thru <B> copy last-cas-rn to </B> to end ] cas-rn: split cas-rn last-cas-rn: split last-cas-rn cas-rn-1: to-integer first cas-rn last-cas-rn-1: to-integer first last-cas-rn any [ cas-rn-1 < last-cas-rn-1 all [ cas-rn-1 = last-cas-rn-1 lesser-or-equal? to-integer second cas-rn to-integer second last-cas-rn ] ] ] ] valid?: func [ {Returns TRUE if a CAS Registry Number is valid. This does not necessarily mean that this Registry Number has been allocated by the CAS.} cas-rn [issue!] "The CAS RN to validate." ][ found? all [ cas-rn: split cas-rn ; For my purpose, leading zeroes must be disallowed in a CAS RN. ; Comment out the following line to allow them. #"0" <> first first cas-rn ; The first allocated CAS RN is #50-00-0. 50 <= to-integer first cas-rn equal? compute-check-digit first cas-rn second cas-rn to-integer third cas-rn ] ] compute-check-digit: func [ {Returns the check digit corresponding to a CAS Registry Number. Applies the algorithm specified at} rn-1 [string!] "The first group of 2 to 6 digits of a CAS RN." rn-2 [string!] "The second group of 2 digits of a CAS RN." /local total ][ total: local: 0 foreach digit reverse join rn-1 rn-2 [ local: local + 1 total: total + multiply local to-integer to-string digit ] total // 10 ] split: func [ {Splits a CAS Registry Number into its 3 groups of digits. Returns a block of 3 strings, or NONE if the CAS RN is malformed.} cas-rn [issue! string!] "The CAS RN to split." /local digits part-1 part-2 part-3 ][ digits: charset "0123456789" if parse cas-rn [ copy part-1 2 6 digits "-" copy part-2 2 digits "-" copy part-3 digits end ][ reduce [part-1 part-2 part-3] ] ] ] comment [ ; Usage examples cas-rn/exists? #107-07-3 ; == true cas-rn/valid? #0107-07-3 ; == false cas-rn/compute-check-digit "999999" "99" ; == 4 cas-rn/valid? #999999-99-4 ; == true cas-rn/exists? #999999-99-4 ; == false cas-rn/split #123-45-6 ; == ["123" "45" "6"] cas-rn/split "123-45-6" ; == ["123" "45" "6"] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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