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REBOL [ title: "Card File" date: 5-Mar-2010 file: %card-file.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { This is the quintessential simple text field storage application. It can be used as shown here, to save contact information, but by adjusting just a few lines of code and text labels, it could be easily adapted to store recipes, home inventory information, or any other type of related pages of data. A version of this script with line-by-line documentation is available at } ] write/append %data.txt "" database: load %data.txt view center-face gui: layout [ text "Load an existing record:" name-list: text-list blue 400x100 data sort (extract database 4) [ if value = none [return] marker: index? find database value n/text: pick database marker a/text: pick database (marker + 1) p/text: pick database (marker + 2) o/text: pick database (marker + 3) show gui ] text "Name:" n: field 400 text "Address:" a: field 400 text "Phone:" p: field 400 text "Notes:" o: area 400x100 across btn "Save" [ if n/text = "" [alert "You must enter a name." return] if find (extract database 4) n/text [ either true = request "Overwrite existing record?" [ remove/part (find database n/text) 4 ] [ return ] ] save %data.txt repend database [n/text a/text p/text o/text] name-list/data: sort (extract copy database 4) show name-list ] btn "Delete" [ if true = request rejoin ["Delete " n/text "?"] [ remove/part (find database n/text) 4 save %data.txt database do-face clear-button 1 name-list/data: sort (extract copy database 4) show name-list ] ] clear-button: btn "New" [ n/text: copy "" a/text: copy "" p/text: copy "" o/text: copy "" show gui ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage