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REBOL [ title: "Binary File Transfer" date: 4-Dec-2009 file: %binary-file-transfer.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Demonstrates how to transfer binary files between 2 computers connected by a TCP port. This is a shortened version of the script explained at . There are 2 separate programs here - one to run as server, and another to run as client. The script is configured to demonstrate on a single machine. To run it on two separate computers, change the IP address in the client script. } ] ; server/receiver - run first: if error? try [port: first wait open/binary/no-wait tcp://:8] [quit] mark: find file: copy wait port #"" length: to-integer to-string copy/part file mark while [length > length? remove/part file next mark] [append file port] view layout [image load file] ; client/sender - run after server (change IP address if using on 2 pcs): save/png %image.png to-image layout [box blue "I traveled through ports!"] port: open/binary/no-wait tcp:// ; adjust this IP address insert file: read/binary %image.png join l: length? file #"" insert port file
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage