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Rebol[ Title: "Binary Search" Author: "Tom Conlin" File: %binary-search.r Date: 3-Jun-2003 Purpose:{ Find an index in a sorted list, at which an item must occur, if the item exists in the list. in time porportional to log-2 of the number of items in the list. NOTE WELL no effort is made to confirm the series is actually sorted. returns none if the input arguments are (detectably) flawed returns a index of a match OR an index adjecent to where in the list the item would be found if it existed. } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: all type: 'function domain: 'text-processing tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] binary-search: func [ sorted-list[series!] {smaller to bigger series by default, or else supply your own comparison function} key "item to try and find in the sorted series of 'skip' size records" /low L[integer!] "opt low index in series to begin search: default 1" /high H[integer!] "opt high index in series to end search: default (length? sorted-list) " /compare cmp[function!] "opt comparison function of two args: cmp a b" /local lo mid hi size ][ either low [lo: L][lo: 1] either high [hi: H][hi: length? sorted-list] ;error conditions in input if any[lo < 1 hi < lo hi > length? sorted-list][return none] if not compare [cmp: func [a b][a < b]] mid: to integer! (hi - lo / 2 + .5) + lo while[hi >= lo][ either key = pick sorted-list mid [return mid] [either cmp pick sorted-list mid key[lo: mid + 1][hi: mid - 1]] mid: to integer! (hi - lo / 2 + .5) + lo ] mid ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage