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Documentation for: oneliner-paint-drops.r



Author: Vincent Ecuyer
Date: 29-Jan-2013


1. Purpose
2. Note
3. Usage
4. Commented Code
5. Updated Version

1. Purpose

Simple demo showing color drops fading in the background as more are added.

2. Note

Not compatible with current REBOL releases - REBOL/View 1.2.x is needed. This oneliner used a trick with the draw block in the face effect: when a time delay or a frequency is specified in older versions of /View, the draw block is evaluated at each tick, and words coming from the parent context are allowed. Nearly any code can be used inside a paren! ( ), as long as the value of the last element is legit in the draw block.

This doesn't work anymore because the draw dialect only does words lookup, but not a full evalution, which is a good thing security-wise.

3. Usage

Just launch the script, or copy/paste the line in the /View console.

4. Commented Code

; builds and shows a window
view layout [

    ; a 100x100 box updated 9 times a second
    b: box rate 9 effect [
        ; the effect is based on the interaction between the effect 
        ; block and the image attribute

        ; paints a small circle filled with a random color 
        ; (0.0.0 to 240.240.240) in a random place in the box
        draw [pen (random snow) circle (random 99x99) 2]

        ; mixes the new drop with the already blurred ones in b/image

    ; a very small box (just visible enough to receive event) 
    ; updated 9 times a second
    box 1x1 rate 9 effect [
        ; makes a copy of the other box as it's displayed 
        ; before it changes its content 
        ; and places this copy in the background
        draw [(b/image: to-image b)]

5. Updated Version

Not as short (154 chars at best when removing spaces and comments), but this does work in REBOL/View 2.7.8:

; draw block: 
; in any color between 0.0.0 and 240.240.240, 
; draws a filled circle anywhere inside the 100x100 default box
d: [pen (random snow) circle (random 99x99) 2]

; builds and shows a window
view layout [
    ; a box with an effect: the draw block and the blur for fading
    b: box rate 9 effect [draw [] blur] feel [
        engage: does [
            ; paints a new drop (changes the draw block)
            b/effect/2: compose d
            ; saves the blurred result as a background
            b/image: to-image b
            ; updates the box
            show b
MakeDoc2 by REBOL- 29-Jan-2013