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Script history for rebol-dom.r

Most information has been kept since about 13-March-2003

Last updated

Added or last updated on: 10-Aug



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author//daniel murrill
domain//~to be supplied~
have a great day! <a href="">turfing services kent d</a>
level//~to be supplied~
license//~to be supplied~
platform//~to be supplied~
type//~to be supplied~

Version history

Submission versionVersion in scriptUpdated byWhenPublic?Update note
1noneinetw3dm2-Nov-2020 18:41Yesnew script
2noneinetw3dm2-Nov-2020 22:06YesAdded library header.
3noneinetw3dm4-Nov-2020 15:11Yes
4noneinetw3dm5-Nov-2020 14:39Yesreplace/all *.data "=" " " changed to strip-chars-from *.data to show my-dialect/p as JSON array.
5noneinetw3dm10-Nov-2020 16:41Yesadded 'strip-obj-char-from() with specific obj. characters to strip
6noneinetw3dm10-Nov-2020 16:57Yes
7noneinetw3dm16-Nov-2020 3:50Yesstrip-obj-chars-from() should be used with markup-DOM function.
8noneinetw3dm24-Nov-2020 14:33Yes
9noneinetw3dm24-Nov-2020 15:50Yesin *mark-DOM: replaced "repeat data-node DSL" with "repeat with-this-data DSL" moved rant to disscusions
10noneinetw3dm24-Nov-2020 15:56Yes
11noneinetw3dm24-Nov-2020 16:15Yes
12noneinetw3dm24-Nov-2020 16:18Yes
13noneinetw3dm26-Nov-2020 16:06Yesmissplaced #"]" after *[body: [{background-color="blue" text "white"}, should be at end of DOM script.
14noneinetw3dm26-Nov-2020 16:16Yesmissplaced #"]" after *[body: [{background-color="blue" text "white"}, won't be at end of DOM script when used with %HTML-view.r. But must remain there for %rebol-dom.r to stop "*Error Out of range, past end"
15noneinetw3dm12-Dec-2020 5:28Yesadded word! type! search for parent data-nodes in DOM to find syntax like *lua-tbl = {[first] = "fred", [last] = "cougar"}*
16noneinetw3dm8-Feb-2021 20:30Yesadded DOM getElementByTgName, select node-elements as array-obj!. set/associate variable names for nodes/array-obj!. use = and `= with array-obj!
17noneinetw3dm9-Feb-2021 21:19Yes
18noneinetw3dm13-Feb-2021 19:45Yesremoved (mold join node-name) from with-this-data. caused invalid keys or nested string formating characters.
19noneinetw3dm15-Feb-2021 2:29Yesfixed--setattributevalue() variables can have method calls. "var.[append({newky=newvalue})]
20noneinetw3dm15-Feb-2021 4:20Yesfixed--setattributevale() variables can have method calls. "var.[append({newky=newvalue})]
21noneinetw3dm15-Feb-2021 5:00Yes
22noneinetw3dm15-Feb-2021 6:24No
23noneinetw3dm15-Feb-2021 6:30Yes
24noneinetw3dm18-Feb-2021 4:37YesAdded javascript DSL example code. Var() set variable names to the array-obj!() now.
25noneinetw3dm19-Feb-2021 3:39YesAdded node-list block to keep track of Var node-elements
26noneinetw3dm21-Feb-2021 6:03YesAdded to javascripting demo. Added VAR comments.
27noneinetw3dm4-Mar-2021 0:22Yesreformatted DOM functions. you can choose specific char to seperate key/values
28noneinetw3dm4-Mar-2021 15:28Yes
29noneinetw3dm4-Mar-2021 19:24YesAdded .innerHTML()
30noneinetw3dm5-Mar-2021 14:48YesVAR would recreate a set array-obj! for every time. now it calls to get-array-obj so it could be dynamically changed.
31noneinetw3dm7-Mar-2021 5:12Yes
32noneinetw3dm10-Mar-2021 7:29Yes
33noneinetw3dm19-Mar-2021 8:16YesAdd quick way to change op! functions between rebol and javascript
34noneinetw3dm19-Mar-2021 22:05YesMoved non html dsl code examples to top of DOM so not to show up in VID.
35noneinetw3dm20-Mar-2021 17:54Yesyou can use Rebol blocks, (an array "series") as VAR values.
36noneinetw3dm21-Mar-2021 1:32Yesfixed: VAR, get-array-obj!, and node-element errors.
37noneinetw3dm1-Apr-2021 19:23YesUpdated DOM funcitons to work with array-obj! *key *values.
38noneinetw3dm3-Apr-2021 9:52YesAdded Vars with any-method methods example.
39noneinetw3dm4-Apr-2021 0:32Yes
40noneinetw3dm8-Apr-2021 18:18Yesupdating functions
41noneinetw3dm14-Apr-2021 0:31YesUpdated DOM funcitons.
42noneinetw3dm19-Apr-2021 3:29YesAdded: *strip-chars-from() to get-array-obj!()
43noneinetw3dm26-Apr-2021 2:36YesAdded: getElementById, querySelecter. Updated: *Var and get-array-obj!()
44noneinetw3dm30-Apr-2021 17:52YesFirst stable release as ver. 0.9. Roadmap: DOM functions, methods, evaluating control functions
45noneinetw3dm2-May-2021 8:37YesUpdated: version 0.9 Roadmap: more DOM funcitons, get and set by methods, Var search by index: arr[1]
46noneinetw3dm4-May-2021 19:08YesUpdated getElementById(), queryselecter().
47noneinetw3dm10-May-2021 18:53YesUpdated: version 0.9 Roadmap: more DOM funcitons, get and set by methods, Var search by index: arr[1]
48noneinetw3dm20-May-2021 18:47YesUpdated: getting close. version 0.9 Roadmap: more DOM funcitons, get and set by methods, Var search by index: arr[1]
49noneinetw3dm27-May-2021 22:38YesUpdated: Methods and linked lists: think Lua. (tables);
50noneinetw3dm31-May-2021 21:23YesUpdated: version 0.9 Roadmap: more DOM funcitons, Var search by index: arr[1]
51noneinetw3dm15-Jun-2021 2:38YesUpdated: version 0.9 Roadmap: Added Var search by index: arr[1]
52noneinetw3dm19-Jun-2021 21:54YesUpdated: version 0.9 Roadmap: Nested arrays. reduce global words. improve/shorten functions.
53noneinetw3dm20-Jun-2021 20:10YesUpdated: version 0.9 Roadmap: Nested arrays. reduce global words. improve/shorten functions.
54noneinetw3dm24-Jun-2021 5:20Yesremoved strip-chars-from() on *key in get-array-obj(). also set key/value to none if none are found. use *![] in place of array-obj!.
55noneinetw3dm30-Jun-2021 22:31YesUpdated: version 0.9 Roadmap: reduce global words. improve/shorten functions.
56noneinetw3dm1-Jul-2021 19:42Yesbugs: had to make numbers litteral in array objects. Array objects key numbers must be selected as strings or it will return the indexed key/value.
57noneinetw3dm9-Jul-2021 19:52YesUpdated: version 1.0 Roadmap: improve/shorten functions.
581.0inetw3dm10-Jul-2021 16:48Yes
591.0inetw3dm21-Jul-2021 18:54YesUpdated: refactoring functions
601.0inetw3dm4-Aug-2021 16:17YesUpdated: Var a: = "b" *![a] can have and return a single value with empty key [] or index [1].
611.0inetw3dm11-Aug-2021 18:33Yescode refactoring
621.0inetw3dm17-Aug-2021 3:57YesFixed: nested node-element selections. A spaced string *value must have a *key attribute when using the build-tag() function.parser
631.0inetw3dm24-Aug-2021 8:44YesAdded: *clear-node-list(), Ason script DOM example. different ways to select *keys.
641.0inetw3dm24-Aug-2021 19:54YesFxed: comments now removed from string node-elements without crashing.
651.0inetw3dm1-Sep-2021 3:42YesUpdated: refactored *document.()
661.0inetw3dm8-Sep-2021 0:52YesDemo: scripting the DOM node-elements with easy syntax
671.0inetw3dm8-Sep-2021 1:13YesFixed: incorrect spacing in var hello {hello 100:"a" 2:"two words" 7="c"}. Even though the node is invalid because of spacing, without errors, the correct selections are still made by the array-obj! function.
681.0inetw3dm9-Sep-2021 21:07YesRoadmap: All demo code will be removed from Rebol-dom.r and added to Document page.
691.0inetw3dm12-Sep-2021 8:11YesFixed: code refactoring.
701.0inetw3dm23-Sep-2021 22:41YesUpdated: the get-array-obj! will attempt to load each method(ie.. refinements, paths,url,emal)paramater as a path, or block and as a Var,key,or value automatically before returning none. Here's the code: *foreach value next from-method [any [array-obj! value . to-block value]]
711.0inetw3dm6-Oct-2021 6:30YesFixed: method and key indexing selection functions.
721.0inetw3dm8-Oct-2021 1:33YesUpdated: you can use strip-chars-from instead of replace/all chars. with molded DOM.
731.0inetw3dm10-Oct-2021 5:38YesUpdated: you can get nested elements values with nested indexes.. this[key][2][1][3]
741.0inetw3dm20-Oct-2021 0:02YesUpdate: code refactoring, Added Function() for Var sequences. added Prototype function for sequences. Added parsing example of some Var sequence.
751.0inetw3dm21-Oct-2021 15:42YesFixed: *get() will be selections of [any [attempt]] or combo of some[] and return.
761.0inetw3dm9-Nov-2021 1:18YesUpdate: changed get to *get-metods, *get-exspressions. used set builder notation: var [.div #1 div:1], and a relative expression. refactored some functions.
771.0inetw3dm9-Nov-2021 22:16YesUpdate: code fix for *get-exspressions: accept user parse tokens or defualts to rel-xprsn.
781.0inetw3dm28-Nov-2021 20:04YesUpdate: refactoring some functions. Fixed some demo code examples. Roadmap: Destructuring and diffing.
791.0inetw3dm8-Jan 9:50YesUpdate: auto update .div[] prototype with Dom div[] node-element. example. Dom function chained method call example: "'document.getnodename.div&1"
801.0inetw3dm14-Jan 4:30YesUpdate: If blocks with strings written as {key: "value", key="value"}, then they are auto chosen to be built as tags. Need work around for inline-style key-values though.
811.0inetw3dm17-Jan 3:36YesError: .[] was loading value as a key if *value was a block. But wasn't using value as a key and returning any value.
821.0inetw3dm21-Mar 17:03YesUdate: general interpolation syntax for strings added: "${w}, "the bgcolor is" ${bg}"
831.0inetw3dm6-Apr 16:49YesUpdate: added document.getnodename(). assign it, (doc.getname: = document.getnodename), less typing. other minor changes. see summary.
841.0inetw3dm13-Apr 14:28YesUpdate: refactored setattribute,setattributevale, some(). getElementById and querySelecter can be used with the document.() as methods, wich will also return the .style[] object selector. Added "] [" "]|[" to rel-xprsn. You can code "foo[val1][val2] return 0" in {}, [], or <>.
851.0inetw3dm17-Apr 2:10YesError: Fixed some funtion. Was parsing/returning values repeatedly.
861.0inetw3dm28-Apr 9:56YesUpdate: document.getnodename, document.getElementByTagName now returns the element name with its index number. As in div2, p1. This returned element name,(div2)can be used to select/search/eval/update its value(node-element). The document.(getElementById) and (querySelecter) functions will also return there complete nodes(data-node). The id and query name is used as the key for its returned value. Some functions were refactored to keep track of count: and slf*.
871.0inetw3dm1-May 6:27YesUpdate: getElementById and querySelecter returns prototypes node-elements of there parent-node wich mirror all bi-directional changes together. Code refactered for setattribute and setattributevalue.
881.0inetw3dm4-May 9:13YesUpdate: look-deep-for() refactored.
891.0inetw3dm15-May 5:20YesUpdate: The select-all-fetch-as function(shabang)... *!, now prototypes the last array-obj!() without creating a Var. It adds the new Var name to the node-list and its value is looked up by index. The select&return function, the dot, .[], was fixed.
901.0inetw3dm20-May 1:18YesUpdate: refactored code. changed *first to use pick 1
911.0inetw3dm21-May 7:56YesUpdate: created reappend function to repend joined values into strings and tags.
921.0inetw3dm21-May 21:10YesUpdate: the .style: array-obj!: |: funcs are set to local Var get-array-obj! for setting attributes. .return-tag-node looks for node-names in the nodelist to return tagged. All demo code should work now.
931.0inetw3dm26-May 18:33YesUpdate: Fixed html inline style-object quoting with *strip-obj-chars-from node-element ["={" {="} ";}" {;"}] and replace/all " " ": "* When choosing a path set as the Data-node from a DOM, void must be used ...(void data-node), to document the value as a tagged Var.
941.0inetw3dm1-Jun 16:30YesFixes: Code refactoring and corrections.
951.0inetw3dm6-Jun 20:54YesUpdate: Quick demo of using some() with obj-char[] and usermode lex-syntax analsys to parse node-element sequences.
961.0inetw3dm11-Jun 7:22YesUpdate: Some() updated to use lex/token-syntax with transtivity. When the (*key, token, op!) group is transitive, and the token swaped with some syntax passes equality, a new *value can be set.
971.0inetw3dm23-Jun 17:51YesUpdate: Added Affix() to add first properties to empty (null) Vars. ie... var 'me, affix me[append "me: "]
981.0inetw3dm26-Jun 6:23YesUpdated: the select-all-fetch-as function (*!) pre-selects single indexed value data for Var's.
991.0inetw3dm27-Jun 1:53YesUpdate: Script layout reodered. Reformated for copy/paste running.
1001.0inetw3dm6-Jul 16:39YesUpdate: New() along with Proto-type(). New() creates a new Sequence. Proto-ytpe() creates a new sequence node linked to Parent-node, wich is links back to new sequence as its child-node. Sequences are not Rebol blocks. There molded data/strings.
1011.0inetw3dm10-Jul 8:26Yes
1021.0inetw3dm11-Jul 14:49YesUpdate: New() can be nested in DOM function calls now. Proto-type() parent-url! key is of type metod! -> this::that or parent::this
1031.0inetw3dm17-Jul 0:11YesUpdated: Rescind() added to return, restore lost Var's. Added &.() for easier repetitive method calling.
1041.0inetw3dm22-Jul 18:33YesUpdate: &.(style.examples)
1051.0inetw3dm24-Jul 5:08YesUpdate: affix() updated to replace [""] with [" "].
1061.0inetw3dm29-Jul 21:03YesUpdate: refactored code for affix, rescind, Var, new, and proto-type.
1071.0inetw3dm10-Aug 17:36YesUpdate: New(),InnerHtml(),Translate(), and Update.div() were updated.
[live] 1081.0inetw3dm10-Aug 23:39Yes

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