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Script history for rebol-dom-mdlparser

Most information has been kept since about 13-March-2003

Last updated

Added or last updated on: 18-Apr



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Version history

Submission versionVersion in scriptUpdated byWhenPublic?Update note
1noneinetw3dm8-Mar 17:26Yesnew script
2noneinetw3dm8-Mar 17:29Yes
3noneinetw3dm12-Mar 15:40Yes
4noneinetw3dm15-Mar 17:37Yes
5noneinetw3dm15-Mar 18:10Yes
6noneinetw3dm15-Mar 19:46Yessquahing code bugs.
7noneinetw3dm16-Mar 17:32Yes
8noneinetw3dm16-Mar 17:38Yes
9noneinetw3dm21-Mar 1:38Yes
10noneinetw3dm22-Mar 3:43NoFixed: three variables were not global, caused code to crash.
11noneinetw3dm25-Mar 1:22Yescharacters were changed during upload causing crash.
12noneinetw3dm26-Mar 1:14Yes
13noneinetw3dm26-Mar 20:18Yes
14noneinetw3dm29-Mar 23:31YesIn header the see-also: "" string was not closed. caused crash in this code. oops!
15noneinetw3dm1-Apr 18:58YesFixed: replace/all changed to replace, was causing crash in face object.
16noneinetw3dm4-Apr 2:08YesFixed: trim/all caused spacing in attribute values to collapse.
17noneinetw3dm8-Apr 18:16Yesupdating functions
18noneinetw3dm14-Apr 0:36YesUpdated DOM funcitons. Fixed: get-attributes/height=
19noneinetw3dm14-Apr 0:48Yes
20noneinetw3dm19-Apr 2:48YesFixed: getattributes() size= & height= error. parent-sz has x and y stored seperately
[live] 21noneinetw3dm19-Apr 3:27YesAdded: *strip-chars-from() to get-array-obj!()

Public versions

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