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Discussion posts for script rebol-dom-mdlparser

8-Mar 11:51

The rebol-DOM data comes from the node-elements and there attributes

and text found in the loaded html Dsl wich then is reformated as a DOM. That DOM code is then reformated into proper html that is then parsed by the mdlparser and view in VID.

I know, Rebol is simpler. You get the VID. But isn't the purpose for Rebol isto be thee messenger between other famous forms of data?

How exactly do you do that if you can't read, write, update and show thatdata as you need to move it along.

Show me my options for viewable html. show me that VID is simpler, faster,and just all together better with the usage of a html Dsl. And maybe i'll try Rebol.

Hey, imma tryin. at least, imma tryin.

15-Mar 14:29
15-Mar 14:40

The %Mdlparser.r code has been updated.

Its' array-obj! and DOM functions should be on par with the %Rebol-DOM.r.

Try pasting the my-dialect: [] block over the markup: {} html string. from thetop of each script. It should load the my-dialect DOM up as a VID page.

Play around with adding scripts to button onclick methods. It's way simplerto use paths and update view with SHOW, but the idea is to write HTML DOMscript once, for your browser and for Rebol/view.

Remember, the same script can be used to work with json, xml, xhtml,javascript object/arrays, lua tables, html, maps(key/values).

You could browse and update data as you would with Rebols' parse bywriting DSL scripts on top of the DOM functions. See the javascript roadmap code for an example.

If those DSLs are marked up as a DOM, you can search withno limit to how much data that could be updated at once.

This is just a start, and hopefully something that creates Rebol thoughts.

I aim to use Rebol/service along with multiple Rebol/Core.exe, MakeDocPro,Luajit2 as the jit compiler along with Euphoria for translatoin to C code as.EXE, and viewer written as a PWA.

21-Mar 21:54

The latest update should be stable.

Changing code around caused me to leave out some by accident.The mdlparse should be stable again were you could view document link pages. If it's gtg! i'll add some more tag elements, css attributes and set-attributes functions.Maybeone day we'll get %HTML-View.r

31-Mar 21:17
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15-Apr 2:49

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