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Documentation for: rfc-parser.r


1. What is this all about?

Parse IETF RFC Text Documents to extract ABNF rules.

There is more documentation within the comments of the script.

2. How do you use the functions?

  • The script starts by calling a function I have set in my REBOL environment called SCRIPT-MANAGER. Here's a simplified stand-in for that function you can use - just put it in your calling script:
        if not value? 'script-manager [
            script-manager: func ['word /local needs][
                if any [
                    :word <> 'do-needs
                    none? in system/script/header 'needs
                    none? needs: system/script/header/needs
                if not parse needs: compose [(:needs)] [some file!][make error! {Expected a NEEDS block consisting of file!.}]
                foreach [file] needs [do file]
  • You will need each of the scripts listed in the NEEDS block in the same directory.

3. About the script author

Brett Handley started programming REBOL early 2000 and maintains a site of REBOL information and scripts at: