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Documentation for: readmail.r

Usage document for %readmail.r

1. Introduction to %readmail.r

Original help file ReadMail.html 

readmail.r is a rare gem for A full fledged application. Phil has done a marvellous job of creating a full-featured and well documented e-mail handling application. Don't let the name fool you, the application will send mail too.

2. readmail At a Glance

Setup is required. As a full fledged mail reader, once %readmail.r is running it requires setup for accounts.

It creates sub-directories for managing mailboxes and accounts.

3. The readmail.html help file

Full instructions can be found at Readmail.html 

4. Using %readmail.r

Setup is required. The initial setup is detailed below, but full instruction are in the HTML listed above.

4.1. Running %readmail.r

First set up a working directory, copy %readmail,r out of the library and then just doit.

 >> make-dir %rmail
 >> change-dir %rmail
 >> write %readmail.r read
 >> do %readmail.r

4.2. The Help menu. Clicking Help will lead to an old site.

Once the browser is up, point it to

5. What you can learn

This is what and the REBOL community needs more of, full, usable applications.

6. What can break

Phil has created a world class mail reader, and has spent a lot of time fixing any bugs. See the history in the header of %readmail.r to see a small list of his efforts.

6.1. ESMTP support

SEND may need to support a different ESMTP for newer authenticated servers. REBOL versions above 2.7.4, have this feature built-in. If not you may need to add Cesar Chavez's patch for functional ESMTP support.

 >> change-dir %rmail
 >> write %patch-esmtp-net.r read
 >> do %patch-estmp-net.r
 >> do %readmail.r

Cesar's patch plays very well. If it detects a change that is incompatible with his ESMTP patch, it will not load. In which case, you probably have ESMTP support in your version of REBOL. He does this test by comparing a snapshot contained in the patch, to what exists in the running REBOL's SMTP protocol code.

6.2. readmail hosting

As noted above, the help menu option will lead to an old site. This will be rectified when Mr. Bevan finds a new host. Until then, point to

This will also effect the Update menu option.

7. Credits

%readmail.r Author: Phil Bevan
%readmail.html Author: Phil Bevan, created with tools by Christopher Ross-Gill
%patch-esmtp-net.r Author: Cesar Chavez
  • The Library Team
  • Usage document by Brian Tiffin, Library Team Apprentice, Last updated: 12-May-2007