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Documentation for: nicer-urls.r

For recognisability purposes on I named this script nicer-urls.r 
but probably best use is to use it as index.r as was meant to be.

Not sure how this script works when a subdirectory is requested without 
specifying an index (.html .r .rsp .php etc) file or how to handle 
this efficiently.

The script is built in a way it has the least overhead, so quit as 
soon as possible and only declare functions just before they are 

Also there are gaps to be filled in in selecting data from a database 
with respect to a number of keywords entered so for example and 
could both result in the same webpage being served. But also possible 
is could result in a table of  all articles that 
have these keywords in common.

If you have suggestions how to do this elegantly you are welcome 
to suggest these please.

All suggestions are welcome.