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Documentation for: blast.r

Usage document for %blast.r

1. Introduction to %blast.r

This library script shows how REBOL can be used to support mail-merge.

It requires modification and setup before it is useable.

In today's spam filled Internet, this type of bulk mailer is NOT recommended.
Please be able to justify bulk mailing before attempting to use this script.

2. Using %blast.r

This script requires support files and direct source code modification to be useful.

2.1. Setup

  • %letter.txt needs to be created. This is the letter that will be bulked mailed.
  • %names.txt needs to be created. This is the list of email addresses and names. Each line is in the format email comma name. E.g., "Rebol Luke"
  • Then the script source code needs modification to specify
    from-email: Specify who sent the email
    reply-emai: Specify the return address
    subj: Specify the Subject line of the email
    org: Specify the Organization header line of the email

    2.2. Running a local %blast.r

    You will need to place %blast.r, and the supporting %letter.txt and %names.txt files in a local directory. For example %blastdir.

    Note, the command examples below assume;

  • a GNU/Linux system
  • the library scripts are in a local directory such as, /home/you/rebol/library/scripts/
  • you are starting in a directory, using the example above, /home/you/rebol/
     $ mkdir blastdir
     $ cp ../library/scripts/blast.r ../blastdir/
     $ rebol
     >>change-dir %blastdir
     >>editor %blast.r
     >>editor %letter.txt
     >>editor %names.txt
     >>do %blast.r
    The script will create a log file listing each email sent, in a file that includes the date and hour in it's name, in the default directory.

    2.3. Executing right from the Library

    This script is of no use when executed directly out of the library. Unless you happen to be, highly unlikely.

    3. Credits

  • %blast.r original author: Unknown
  • Usage document by Brian Tiffin, Library Team Apprentice, Last updated: 25-Apr-2007
  • Usage NOT recommended with today's spam filled in boxes.