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Discussion posts for script exif-core.r

23-Mar-2008 18:36
Hi Piotr,

I could not get through to you with the email provided on the scripts 
and in AltME.  I wanted initially to thank you for writing exif-core.r 
as I actually have found a need for something similar and was hoping 
I could modify it. 

I tried, and ran into a problem that after sitting down and working 
with it for a while I managed to figure it out and create a nice 
little script.

My need was to be able to generate a list of all the EXIF data for 
pictures in a folder, likely what you needed it for as well.  Anyway, 
now I get a nice data extract that can be opened in Excel or a database 
for an entire directory of images and saves me the manual task of 
reviewing multiple images within ACDSee.  This is great help when 
learning the finer details of settings of an Single Lense Reflex 
camera, specially as a newbie.

I'm not sure if I will post it here or not.  It really is quite a simple program, but will save others from doing something similar.

Thanks again,