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REBOL stress test
3.3 KB
13 Aug 2004
Run various things to see what limits REBOL has. Largest integer, largest decimal, depth of stack, maximum words definable, etc.
author: Sunanda
Save Scheme
8.8 KB
2 Nov 2016
Saves scheme specification to a file.
author: Annick Ecuyer
Script Analyser
5.3 KB
7 Jan 2005
Front-End User Interface for anamonitor to analyse a rebol script.
author: JL MEYRIAL
encompass function
8.2 KB
26 Nov 2003
Patch/Extend/Restrict any function by transparently enclosing it within another.
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
4.4 KB
10 Mar 2005
Convert C data to Rebol - get the memory address and cast* to a given struct or array
author: Romano Paolo Tenca
ARCFOUR and CipherSaber
arcfour.r3.8 KB
18 Jan 2004
Provides encryption and decryption using the ARCFOUR algorithm
author: Cal Dixon
better-than-nothing sqlite3 handler
5.7 KB
30 Jan 2006
easy access to sqlite3 database without /Pro or /Command features
author: Piotr Gapinski
Console capture
1.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Capture console output in a string!
author: Nenad Rakocevic
DNS protocol
13.6 KB
21 Feb 2005
REBOL DIG : Implementation of DNS protocol (RFC 1035) URL is dig://name-server/TYPE/name ans: read dig:// ans: read dig:// ans: read dig::/ you can see a list of available TYPEs in cmd-list in beginning of code use ans/to-str to [...]
author: VDemong
DO-POP Scheme
7.3 KB
10 Jul 2005
A scheme to allow flexible POP3 operations.
author: Brett Handley
5.0 KB
14 Apr 2009
Mezzanine function to arrange values into groups of all equal values.
author: Christian Ensel
Extract REBOL keywords
extract-keywords.r1.1 KB
28 Jun 2009
Generic function to extract and format REBOL 'keywords', typically to create a syntax highlight file for an editor that doesn't support REBOL.
author: Ashley G Truter
forum.r15.2 KB
17 Jun 2010
A CGI forum application, running at Please link to it, so that new REBOLers have a place to ask questions!
author: nick
Fade Presentation
fadetext.r1.3 KB
19 Jul 2003
Demonstrate fade effects
author: Jeff
glayout - GLASS-based layout engine
141.6 KB
16 Nov 2006
replace vid dialect layout while keeping its basic featureset
author: Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
Hangman, with word generator
hangman.r1.3 KB
2 Jan 2017
A little hangman game, from
author: nick
REBOL Mezzanine Functions: Help
help.r6.5 KB
8 Dec 2006
enhance original help with a secure way of showing functions in paths of objects and ports and show information about ports similar to objects
author: [unknown]
Help Patch
7.2 KB
20 Nov 2003
Allows to add the following info to functions: return: [datatypes to be returned] category: [a function category e.g. math series] author: [author initials email what you want
author: Ingo Hohmann
IMAP Handler
36.8 KB
30 Mar 2006
Add some RFC3501 (full imap) behaviour to the imap scheme.
author: rt & ingo hohmann
Keyboard Trener
3.8 KB
25 May 2007
Learn to write rebol words faster without looking at keyboard.
author: Karol Gozlinski