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REBOL [ Title: "Method to set some Rebol console parameters." Author: "Maxime Tremblay, idea comes from %no-rebol-in-title-bar.r script by Nick Antonaccio" Version: 1.0.0 Date: 19/03/2010 file: %window-util.r purpose: { Used to set the Rebol console's window title and icon. Include a method to get the current windows handle. Work only in windows. } ] window-util: context [ user32.dll: load/library %user32.dll msvcrt.dll: load/library %msvcrt.dll GetDesktopWindow: make routine! [return: [integer!]] user32.dll "GetDesktopWindow" GetWindow: make routine! [hWnd [integer!] uCmd [integer!] return: [integer!]] user32.dll "GetWindow" GetWindowThreadProcessId: make routine! [hWnd [integer!] pid [struct! [id [integer!]]] return: [integer!]] user32.dll "GetWindowThreadProcessId" SetWindowText: make routine! [hwnd [int] text [string!] return: [int]] user32.dll "SetWindowTextA" SendMessage: make routine! [hWnd [integer!] msg [integer!] wparam [integer!] lparam [integer!] return: [integer!]] user32.dll "SendMessageA" LoadImage: make routine! [ hinst [integer!] lpszName [string!] uType [integer!] cxDesired [integer!] cyDesired [integer!] fuLoad [integer!] return: [integer!]] user32.dll "LoadImageA" getpid: make routine! [return: [long]] msvcrt.dll "_getpid" LR_LOADFROMFILE: to-integer #{0010} WM_SETICON: to-integer #{0080} IMAGE_ICON: 1 ICON_SMALL: 0 ICON_BIG: 1 get-current-window: func [/local cw curpid wpid curwin] [ wpid: make struct! [wpid [integer!]] none ; get current process curpid: getpid ; get desktop window (uppermost window) cw: getwindow getdesktopwindow 5 ; find the first window for the current process ; an infitine loop prevention may be useful here while [not equal? cw 0] [ cw: getwindow cw 2 getwindowthreadprocessid cw wpid if equal? wpid/wpid curpid [ ; now we must find the top level window while [not equal? cw 0] [ curwin: cw cw: getwindow cw 4 ] break ] ] curwin ] set-title: func[title-text /local curwin] [ ; this probe is there to ensure that the window is displayed when setting the title probe title-text if curwin: get-current-window [ SetWindowText curwin title-text ] ] set-icon: func[icon-file [string!] "Must be a string to the full path of the .ico file." /local curwin imagehdl] [ if curwin: get-current-window [ imagehdl: LoadImage 0 icon-file 1 0 0 LR_LOADFROMFILE SendMessage curwin WM_SETICON ICON_SMALL imagehdl ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage