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REBOL [ Title: "WHOIS Maker" Date: 30-May-2000 File: %whoismaker.r Author: "David Handy" Purpose: "WhoIs query, parse, and save as a file" library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'Tool domain: [other-net broken] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] Version: 1.0.0 ] whois-server: the-query: "" if not exists? %whois [make-dir %whois] while [not the-query = "."] [ the-query: ask " WHOIS-> " whois-the-query: make url! rejoin [whois-server "?" the-query] query-result-html: read whois-the-query parse query-result-html [thru <pre> copy query-result-preform to </pre>] either find query-result-preform "Your selection is available" ;true - no match [ print newline "NO MATCH FOUND - enter next query...." print query-result-preform ] ;false - match found [ print newline "MATCH FOUND - processed - enter next query...." print query-result-preform write/append %whois/masterfile.txt rejoin [ query-result-preform newline newline "X X X" newline newline ] html-wrapper: rejoin [newline query-result-preform newline] html-file: make file! rejoin ["whois/" the-query ".html"] write html-file html-wrapper ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage