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REBOL [ Title: "REBOL Web Server" File: %webserv.r Author: "Cal Dixon" Email: %zap--biglizard--kicks-ass--net Date: 23-Jan-2004 Purpose: { A Simple HTTP-Server that can run REBOL CGI scripts } Comment: { (c) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Cal Dixon Requires Rebol/Core 2.5 or Rebol/View 1.0 or later By default the server will look for pages to serve in a folder called "www" in the current directory. It will listen on port 80 and generate a log-file called "webserv.log". Files with unrecognized types will be sent as "text/html". Settings can be changed by creating a configuration file called "webserv-cfg.r". EXAMPLE configuration file ---- cut here --- wwwpath: %./WWW/ ; change this to where the files are... port: 8080 ; change this to whatever port the server should listen to logfile: %webserv.log ; the name of the logfile or set to none default-type: "application/octet-stream" ; Content-Type for unrecognized extensions --- cut here --- END of example file To make the server recognize additional content types, create a file called "content-types.r" and list pairs of extensions (without the dot) and content types. EXAMPLE content-type file ---- cut here --- "lha" "application/octet-stream" "png" "image/png" "mp3" "audio/mp3" "rar" "application/x-rar-compressed" "rtf" "application/rtf" "zip" "application/x-zip-compressed" --- cut here --- END of example file Files with an extension of ".r" or ".cgi" or in a folder called "cgi-bin/" will be treated as Rebol CGI scripts. Output from CGI scripts was not buffered in versions before, but now is buffered before sending anything. Files with an extension of ".rhtml" are pre-proccesed by the server. Anything enclosed in a pair of ":[" and "]:" will be executed as rebol code and the value of the expression will be inserted into the document at that location. To start the server: Place the %webserv.r script in a folder, start up rebol, change to the directory the script is in, then type "do %webserv.r".} Version: History: [ {This version redirects all i/o to the web browser so 'read-io on system/ports/input can be used to get POSTed data, etc.} {Now has better error checking and passes content-length as a string like it should} "Can now send multiple files at once" {Now patches 'print and 'prin to work correctly and passes all http headers to CGIs also translates access to a folder to %index.html in that folder. Also handles the HTTP HEAD method in addition to GET and sends the "Last-Modified" header} {Added logging in Extended Common Log Format - but for CGI scripts the number of bytes sent is recorded as 1, due to current limitations of this program } {Updated to work with Rebol/Core 2.5} {Added configuration file support, documentation, and .html preprocessing} {Misc. bugfixes} {Added simple path translation (for cgi-bin, etc.), and hack attempt logging} {Fixed various CGI bugs to allow this server to work with Vanilla. Added output buffering and support for CGI redirects using the "Location:" header. Files in cgi-bin are now treated as scripts automatically. Size of CGI output is now logged correctly. } {One more CGI bugfix to support Vanilla 0.6.} {Placed script into a context, now the only word added to the global context is 'webserv-ctx} {Improved CGI execution speed and fixed more incompatibilities with Vanilla.} ] library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [web cgi tcp] tested-under: none support: none license: 'MIT see-also: none ] ] webserv-ctx: context [ file: request-method: Content: request: write-log: file-path: urlquery: responce: netmask: broadcast: dest-addr: none wwwpath: %./www/ ; change this to where the files are... port: 80 ; change this to whatever port the server should listen to logfile: %webserv.log ; the name of the logfile or set to none default-type: "text/html" ; Content-Type for unrecognized extensions max-queue: 3000 ; maximum simultaneous connections server-name: read dns:// secure none content-type-list: append reduce [ "txt" "text/plain" "gif" "image/gif" "jpg" "image/jpeg" "png" "image/png" "mov" "video/quicktime" "tif" "image/tiff" "tiff" "image/tiff" "wav" "audio/wav" "xml" "text/xml" "xsl" "text/xml" "mid" "audio/midi" "html" "text/html" "rhtml" "rhtml" "r" "text/plain" "rss" "application/rss+xml" "wml" "text/vnd.wap.wml" "cgi" none ] either exists? %content-types.r [ load %content-types.r ] [ [] ] custompaths: [] hackpaths: [] if exists? %webserv-cfg.r [ do bind load %webserv-cfg.r 'wwwpath ] ; FIXME system/options/quiet: true e: {<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>404 Not Found</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>Page not found.</BODY></HTML>} cgi-obj: make system/options/cgi [] listen: open/lines/direct join tcp://: port inport: system/ports/input outport: system/ports/output queue: [] cgiout: "" debug: func [o /local][ local: o if block? o [ o: reform o ] o: mold o write-io outport o length? o :local ] ; these replacements for 'print and 'prin should work better for CGI scripts prin: func [ out /local data ] [ data: replace/all (reform out) newline "^M^J" ; append cgiout data write-io system/ports/output data length? data return ] print: func [ out /local data ] [ data: replace/all (reform out) newline "^M^J" data: append data "^M^J" ; append cgiout data write-io system/ports/output data length? data return ] quit: halt: func [] [throw] www-send: func [ conn data ] [ write-io conn data length? data ] either logfile [ write-log: func [ entry ] [ write/append logfile join to-string entry newline ] ][ write-log: func [ entry ] [] ] get-http-headers: func [ conn /local line buffer a b c ] [ buffer: copy [] while [ ((line: first conn) <> "") and not none? line ] [ a: copy/part line b: find line ":" c: trim next b insert buffer reduce [ a c ] ] return buffer ] lo: li: l: none l: open/direct/binary tcp://:0 lo: open/direct/binary join tcp://localhost: l/local-port insert lo local: to-binary random/secure checksum/secure form now until [ li: first l local = copy/part li length? local ] close l set-modes li [no-wait: true] script-cache: copy [] handle-cgi: func [ conn request query headers /local cd s script globals] [ headers: copy headers while [not tail? headers][ change headers join "HTTP_" first headers headers: skip headers 2 ] headers: head headers system/options/cgi: make cgi-obj compose [ server-software: "REBOL Web Server" server-name: (server-name) gateway-interface: "CGI/1.1" server-protocol: "HTTP/1.0" server-port: "80" query-string: (any [query ""]) request-method: (pick request 1) script-name: (first parse (pick request 2) "?") Content-Type: (select headers "HTTP_Content-Type") Content-Length: trim/head/tail (any [select headers "HTTP_Content-Length" ""]) other-headers: (reduce [headers]) ] s: system/options/script system/options/script: file-path cd: what-dir change-dir first split-path file-path system/ports/output: lo set-modes conn [no-wait: true] system/ports/input: conn clear cgiout globals: reduce bind [:print :prin :quit :halt] in system/words 'system set bind [print prin quit halt] in system/words 'system reduce [:print :prin :quit :halt] if error? local: try [ if not script: select script-cache file-path [ script: bind load file-path 'wwwpath insert tail script-cache reduce [file-path script] ] catch [ do script ] none ][] set bind [print prin quit halt] in system/words 'system globals cgiout: to-string copy li either find/part cgiout "Location:" 2000 [ www-send conn "HTTP/1.0 303 See Other^M^J" ][ www-send conn "HTTP/1.0 200 OK^M^J" ] www-send conn cgiout system/ports/input: inport system/ports/output: outport change-dir cd system/options/script: s close conn length? cgiout ] track-hacker: func [ conn /local ip name data ] [ ip: conn/remote-ip name: read join dns:// ip error? try [ local: open/no-wait rejoin [tcp:// ip ":80"] insert local "GET / HTTP/1.0^/^/" wait reduce [local 3] data: copy local close local ] write/append %hack-attempts.txt reform [ ip name mold data newline ] ] content-type?: func [ filename [string! file!] ] [ first any [ if find filename "cgi-bin/" [ reduce [none] ] select/skip content-type-list next find/last to-string filename "." 2 reduce [ default-type ] ] ] process-queue: func [ /local connection data file conn newqueue ] [ newqueue: copy [] foreach connection queue [ set [ conn file ] connection data: copy/part file 2048 file: skip file 2048 write-io conn data length? data either tail? file [ close conn ] [ insert/only newqueue reduce [ conn file ] ] ] queue: newqueue ] send-header: func [ conn result content-type data-length ] [ www-send conn rejoin [ "HTTP/1.0 " result newline "Content-Type: " content-type newline "Content-Length: " data-length newline "Date: " to-idate now newline "Last-Modified: " to-idate modified? file-path "^/^/" ] ] path-parts: func [path /local r o p][ r: to-file path o: copy [] until [ set [ r p ] split-path r if p [ insert o to string! p ] any [ r = %./ r = %/ r = "" ] ] insert o to string! r o ] translate-request-to-resource: func [ file /local file-path saferoot ] [ saferoot: clean-path wwwpath if find file "://" [ return clean-path join saferoot "index.html" ] ; Proxy attempt if (last file) = #"/" [ append file "index.html" ] foreach [pathrule rewrite] custompaths [ if local: find/match path-parts file path-parts pathrule [ if not exists? local: join rewrite rejoin local [ local: %"" ] saferoot: clean-path rewrite file: none ] ] file-path: clean-path either file [join wwwpath to-file next file][local] if none? find file-path clean-path saferoot [ file-path: clean-path join saferoot "index.html" ] if dir? file-path [ append file-path "/index.html" ] return file-path ] http-log: func [ host request status bytes /extended headers /local when agent referer] [ when: rejoin [ replace/all copy/part mold now 11 "-" "/" replace skip mold now 11 "/" ":" ] replace when "-" " -" either (agent: select headers "User-Agent") [ agent: join {"} [ agent {"} ] ][ agent: "-" ] either (referer: select headers "Referer") [ referer: join {"} [ referer {"} ] ][ referer: "-" ] reform [ host "- -" rejoin [ "[" when "]" ] mold form request status bytes either extended [ reform [ referer agent ] ][ "" ] ] ] rhtml: func [ text /local p out pos s p1 p2] [ p: [ (out: copy "" pos: 1) s: any [ thru ":[" p1: copy code to "]:" p2: ( repend out [(copy/part at s pos ((index? p1) - 2 - pos) )(do code)] pos: 2 + index? p2 ) ] to end (append out at s pos) ] return either error? try [ parse text p ] [ text ] [ out ] ] handle-new-connections: func [ /local data conn http-headers] [ if none? wait reduce [ listen 0 ] [ return ] if error? try [ request: parse first (conn: first listen) none ] [ close conn return ] if (length? queue) > max-queue [ insert conn "HTTP/1.0 503 Server Overloaded^/" close conn return ] ; refuse connections if server is overloaded if error? try [ request-method: pick request 1 repeat thispath hackpaths [ if find pick request 2 thispath [ track-hacker conn make error! "HACK" ] ] set [ file urlquery ] parse (pick request 2) "?" if not string? file [ close conn return ] file-path: translate-request-to-resource file if error? try [ http-headers: get-http-headers conn ] [ close conn return ] either exists? file-path [ either none? content: content-type? file-path [ write-log http-log/extended conn/host request 200 handle-cgi conn request urlquery http-headers http-headers return ] [ write-log http-log/extended conn/host request 200 size? file-path http-headers set [ responce data ] reduce [ "200 OK" (data: read/binary file-path) ] ] ] [ write-log http-log/extended conn/host request 404 0 http-headers set [ responce content data file-path ] reduce [ "404 Not Found" "text/html" e %. ] ] if content = "rhtml" [ content: "text/html" data: rhtml data ] send-header conn responce content length? data if request-method = "HEAD" [ close conn return ] insert/only queue reduce [ conn data ] ][ error? try [close conn] ] ] start-server: does [ forever [ if ( zero? ( length? queue ) ) [ wait listen ] handle-new-connections process-queue ] ] ] webserv-ctx/start-server
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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