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REBOL [ file: %vid-wizard.r date: 17-Feb-2004 title: "Wizard" author: "Ammon Johnson" email: %ammon--johnson--gmail--com purpose: "A simple Wizard VID style" version: 0.0.3 history: { 0.0.3 "Added the ability to use a predefined layout for a step" "Ammon Johnson" } library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: ['tool 'demo] domain: ['gui 'ui 'user-interface 'vid] tested-under: 'winxp support: {email me with questions} license: none comment: {Free to use as-is, acknowledgement is appreciated. Please inform me of any enhancements you make. Provided with NO WARRANTY.} ] ] stylize/master [ wizard: face with [ current-step: steps: next-step: prev-step: none size: none type: 'Wizard action: does [quit] words: [ steps [new/steps: first next args next args] ] resize: func [new [pair!] /window] [ self/size: new if window [parent-face/size: new + (self/offset * 2) show parent-face] pane/1/size: new - 0x30 pane/4/offset: new - pane/4/size - 15x5 pane/3/offset: new - (as-pair pane/3/size/x * 2 pane/3/size/y) - 25x5 pane/2/offset: new - (as-pair pane/2/size/x * 3 pane/2/size/y) - 15x5 show self ] init: [ next-step: does [ if current-step = (length? steps) [ do steps/:current-step/2 ] if current-step < (length? steps) [ do steps/:current-step/2 current-step: current-step + 1 pane/1/pane: steps/:current-step/1 if current-step = (length? steps) [ pane/3/text: "Finish" ] show self ] ] prev-step: does [ if current-step > 1 [ pane/3/text: "Next >" current-step: current-step - 1 do steps/:current-step/3 pane/1/pane: steps/:current-step/1 show self ] ] pane: reduce [ make face [] make-face/spec 'button [size: 75x20 text: "< Prev" action: [prev-step]] make-face/spec 'button [size: 75x20 text: "Next >" action: [next-step]] make-face/spec 'button [size: 75x20 text: "Cancel"] ] if steps [ use [max-size] [ max-size: any [size 0x0] for i 1 (length? steps) 1 [ either object? try [get/any steps/:i/1/1] [ steps/:i/1: do steps/:i/1 steps/:i/1/offset: 0x0 max-size: max max-size steps/:i/1/size ][ steps/:i/1: layout/offset steps/:i/1 0x0 max-size: max max-size steps/:i/1/size ] ] current-step: 1 pane/1/pane: steps/1/1 if not size [size: max-size + 0x30] ] ] pane/4/action: :action resize size ] ] ] comment { ;Uncomment this section for an example... step1: layout [ across Code "Welcome to the first step!" return text 400 {If you don't supply a size for your wizard then it will auto-size itself to the size of the largest layout in steps. Clicking the 'Next' button executes the Validation Code. To stop the wizard from progressing to the next step if the requirements for this step are not met, simply use 'exit. For example, if you don't check the box below you will not be able to progress to the next step. The validation Code block is below...} return ck: check text "Ok to continue." [ck/data: either ck/data[false][true] show ck] return code {if not ck/data [exit]} ] view c: center-face layout [ origin 0x0 w: wizard steps [ [ ;Begin First Step [ ;Begin First Step Layout step1 ] ;End First Step Layout [ ;Begin First Step Validation Code if not ck/data [exit] ] ;End First Step Validation Code [ ;Begin First Step Reload Code ck/state: false ] ;End First Step Reload Code ] ;End First Step [ ;Begin Second Step [ ;Begin Second Step Layout code "This is the second step." text 400 "Since the Validation Code is an empty block, clicking 'Next' will simply load the next page." ][ ;Begin Second Step Validation Code ] ;End Second Step Validation Code [ ;Begin Second Step Reload Code ] ;End Second Step Reload Code ] ;End Second Step [ ;Begin Third Step [ ;Begin Third Step Layout code "Last step" text 400 "Notice that the Next button's text automatically changed to 'Finish' because this is the last page. The cancel button simply DOES the wizard's action block. The default action block is [quit]." code "I hope you enjoy using this style!" ] ;End Third Step Layout [ ; Begin Third Step Validation Code request/ok "You have successfully completed the Wizard Tutorial" quit ] ;End Third Step Validation Code [ ;Begin Third Step Reload Code ] ;End Third Step Reload Code ] ;End Third Step. To add more steps simply follow the pattern ] ] halt }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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