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REBOL [ file: %vid-drop-down.r date: 20-Feb-2004 title: "VID Dropdown" author: "Ammon Johnson" email: ammon %--johnson--gmail--com version: 0.0.7 purpose: "A simple dropdown VID style" library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: ['tool 'demo] domain: ['gui 'ui 'user-interface 'vid] tested-under: 'winxp support: {email me with questions} license: none comment: {Free to use as-is, acknowledgement is appreciated. Please inform me of any enhancements you make. Provided with NO WARRANTY.} ] ] Stylize/master [ drop-down: face with [ get-selected: lay-options: options: unview-options: field: arrow: none size: 120x20 color: 255.255.255 words: [ data [new/data: first next args next args] ] resize: func [ "dynamically changes the size of the faces within the style" new [pair!] "The new size" /arr "Set the width of the arrow button" arr-size [Number! Integer!] "New arrow button width" ] [ size: new if arr [arrow/size/x: arr-size] field/size: new - as-pair arrow/size/x 0 arrow/size/y: new/y arrow/offset: new - arrow/size options/size/x: size/x options/sub-area/size/x: field/size/x options/sld/size/x: arrow/size/x + arrow/edge/size/x options/sld/offset/x: field/size/x lay-options/size/x: size/x ] init: [ lay-options: layout [ origin 0x0 options: text-list #"^(Esc)" (size + 0x150 )[ if not empty? options/picked [ field/text: copy first options/picked show field ] unview/only lay-options remove-event-func :unview-options action field field/text ] ] lay-options/options: reduce ['no-border 'no-title 'parent self] unview-options: func [f "face" e "event"] [ if all [e/type = 'inactive e/face = lay-options] [ unview/only lay-options remove-event-func :unview-options ] e ] get-selected: does[ either <= system/version [ options/data: data ; for later view 1.3 betas ][ options/lines: data ] options/update lay-options/offset: (screen-offset? field) + as-pair 0 size/y insert-event-func :unview-options view/new lay-options ] pane: reduce [ field: make-face 'field arrow: make-face/spec 'arrow [ size: 16x20 data: 'down action: [get-selected] ] ] field/color: color field/colors: colors if text [field/text: text] if none? data [data: texts] if none? data [data: copy []] if all [not empty? text not found? find data text][insert data text text: none] resize size ] ] ] ; the field and arrow are accessible via dropdown/field and dropdown/arrow ; The options layout and the text-list are accessible via dropown/lay-options dropdown/options comment {;Uncomment for an example view layout [ d: drop-down "Test" data ["1" "2" "3"] box with [pane: get in layout [ origin 0x0 drop-down 100 "Yup" "Maybe" "Nope" ] 'pane ] button "resize" [d/resize 100x20 show face/parent-face] ] } ;halt
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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