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REBOL [ Title: "UTC now" Version: 1.1.0 Date: 14-Jul-2009 Author: "Peter W A Wood" File: %utc-now.r Purpose: { Mimics the functions of the built-in now function adjusted to UTC. } library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [package tool] domain: [cgi utility] tested-under: [ core 2.5.6 Mac OS X core 2.6.2 Mac OS X core 2.7.5 Mac OS X ] license: 'mits ] ] utc-now: make function! [ {Mimics the functions of the built-in now function adjusted to UTC.} /year "Returns the year only." /month "Returns the month only." /day "Returns the day of the month only." /time "Returns the time only." /zone "Returns the time zone offset from GMT only." /date "Returns date only." /weekday "Returns day of the week as integer (Monday is day 1)." /yearday "Returns day of the year (Julian)." /precise "Use nanosecond precision." /local utc "now converted to utc time zone" first-jan "used to calculate the day of the year" ][ utc: either precise [ now/precise ][ now ] utc: utc - utc/zone utc/zone: 0:00 return case [ year [utc/year] month [utc/month] day [utc/day] time [utc/time] zone [utc/zone] date [utc/date] weekday [utc/weekday] yearday [ either system/version > 2.6.2 [ ;; no /yearday refinement before then utc/yearday ][ first-jan: to date! join "01-01-" utc/year utc - first-jan + 1 ] ] #[true] [utc] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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