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REBOL [ Title: { Upload library-script - upload a script to} File: %upload-library-script.r Date: 15-Jul-2004 Purpose: " upload a script to " Usage: { Request a token on Read your email. Paste it when this script asks. (note the token is stored on disk then). Select your upload-script in requester. Upload and edit header until it "upload" says ok. } Version: 1.1.1 Author: "Volker Nitsch" History: [ 1.1.2 <Volker Nitsch> "added upload-note-field" 1.1.1 <Volker Nitsch> "%validate-script.r now fixed for external download" 1.1.0 <Volker Nitsch> "Faster local check, auto-update" 1.0.0 <Volker Nitsch> "Usable to upload scripts to" ] Credits: [ {Sunanda for lds, the header-checker and explanations} ] Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: tool domain: [file-handling gui other-net vid web] tested-under: none support: none license: GPL see-also: none ]] print "-uploaders console for logging-" rebol [] ???: func ['word value] [;Volker print [mold :word mold :value] set :word :value ] ; /link lacks it. if not value? 'construct [ construct: func [block /with object] [ make either object [object] [object!] disinfect block ] ] ; [context disinfect block] is like construct ; check i all? disinfect: func [; by Volker "removes values which could be executed by make. only top-level" block /local value hot word out ] [ out: copy [] parse block [any [ set word ['none | 'true | 'false] ( append out get in system/words word ) | set word [word! | lit-word!] (append out to-lit-word word) ;grrr | set hot [get-word! | paren! | path! | set-path! ] ;(probe :hot) | set value any-type! (append/only out value) ]] out ] rebol [] config: any [ attempt [construct load config-file: %lds-config-d.txt] [] ] config: make context [ upload-file: none files: copy [] filters: none ] config save-config: does [ save/all config-file third config ] rebol [] modules: [ %lds-local.r %validate-script.r ] download-lds: does [ foreach [url file] modules [ load-thru/to join url file file do file ] if not config/filters [ res2: lds/send-server 'list-search-filters [] config/filters: res2/data save-config ] ] download-lds library-tags: config/filters update-me: does [ if confirm "checking for updates?" [ flash "downloading" foreach [url file] modules [ attempt [delete file] ] config/filters: none save-config download-lds probe load-thru/update/to join ??? file: %upload-library-script.r file unview alert "Script fresh downloaded. Now restart script." ] ] rebol [title: "support for tokens"] token-file: %lds-library-token.txt if not all [ exists? file: token-file ] [ inform layout [ backdrop gray across title "Enter library-token" text "(kind of rebol-cooky)" below text 400 trim system/script/header/usage as-is button "get token" [ browse ] pad 0x5 label join {paste token, or write it directly to } file f-token: area across button "OK" [hide-popup token: if "" <> s: f-token/text [s]] button "Cancel" [quit] ] if all [not token not exists? file] [quit] if token [write file token] ] delete-bad-token: does [ delete token-file alert "bad token - get a new one, restart script!" quit ] if not attempt [ token: decompress first load/all read token-file set [token-owner token-id] parse token "/" ] [ delete-bad-token ] rebol [title: "checking and uploading"] upload: func [scr note /really] [ lds/send-server/use-token 'contribute-script compose [ mode (either not really ["check"] ["update"]) note (note) script (scr) ] ] quick-check: does [ res: validate-script/from-local f-script/text library-tags res: make context [revised-script: ""] res either empty? res/error-messages [ show-check-result join "Local reply: " msg: "Looking good. You should check online" reduce ["upload" msg] "" ] [ show-check-result "Local reply: Problems with script" res/error-messages res/revised-script ] ] show-check-result: func [why msg-blk revised /local proposals tags lib-hdr msg] [ proposals: [ "title" [probe mold rejoin [" - " mold second split-path file " - " now]] "file" [mold second split-path file] "date" [mold now] "purpose" [mold " Please edit me! "] "lib-head" [ lib-hdr: second load/all revised lib-hdr: select lib-hdr [library:] mold lib-hdr ] ] msg: copy "" foreach [field help] msg-blk [ proposal: switch/default field proposals [ mold '? ] if "lib-head" = field [field: "library"] ;patch tags: either find first library-tags w: to-word field [ rejoin ["" newline "; " mold library-tags/:w] ] [""] repend msg [ "; " help tags newline newline uppercase/part field 1 ": " proposal newline newline] ] f-status/text: uppercase/part why 1 f-comment/text: msg f-comment/line-list: none show lay alert why ] upload-lay-content: has [res revised w] [ flash join "checking " mold file res: upload scr f-note/text unview any [ if res/status = [810 40 "bad token"] [ delete-bad-token ] if [210 30 "problems with script"] = res/status [ revised: either w: in res/data 'revised-script [decompress get w] [copy ""] show-check-result join "Server-reply: " res/status/3 res/data/validation revised ] if any [ [0 10 {Looking good. Use mode update to add the new script}] = res/status [0 10 "Looking good. Use mode update to update the script"] = res/status ] [ if confirm third res/status [ flash join "really uploading " mold file ??? res: upload/really f-script/text f-note/text unview alert join "real upload: " mold res/status ] ] ] ] save-lay: does [ if f-script/text <> read file [ write file f-script/text ] ] if file: request-file/only/title/file "script to upload?" "Edit" config/upload-file [ config/upload-file: file save-config scr: read file lay: layout [ backdrop gray title 620 "Upload this file to" left across f-status: h1 "No replies yet:" 500 left below across f-comment: area 620x180 wrap silver slider 16x180 [scroll-para f-comment face] below across h1 "With script: " text mold file below across f-script: area 620x180 scr wrap font-name font-fixed slider 16x180 [scroll-para f-script face] below across label "Why upload?" f-note: field 500 below across label "token-id" text mold token-id label "token-owner" text mold token-owner below across button "quit" [quit] button "save&check&upload" [save-lay upload-lay-content] 150 button "save" [save-lay] button "save&quick check" [save-lay quick-check] 150 button "update me" [update-me] ] attempt [quick-check] view lay ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage