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REBOL [ Title: "UDP Signin Server" date: 3-Aug-2010 file: %udp-signin-server.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Together with %udp-signin-client.r this program alerts users on a network that a new user has arrived and logged in. Client users are only notified when the new user has signed in specificly to see them. Because this script uses UDP, the client alarm application does not need to connect to any specific IP. Anyone who runs the client on the local network will automatically receive notifications broadcast over the network. These scripts are simplified parts of a larger sign-in application that is used at my music lesson business. When students arrive, they sign in at a front desk kiosk machine. Student attendance information is logged, and the teachers get a voice announcement, in their studio, that their "next student has arrived" (they are only notified when one of their own students has arrived). } ] net-out: open/lines udp:// set-modes net-out [broadcast: on] svv/vid-face/color: white previous-signin: copy [] sign-in: does [ if ((f1/text = "") or (f2/text = "")) [return] current-signin: rejoin [f1/text " " f2/text] if current-signin = previous-signin [return] previous-signin: current-signin insert (at a1/text 1) rejoin [ now/time {: } "Student: " f1/text { } "Teacher: " f2/text newline ] show a1 insert net-out current-signin write/append %alarm_history.txt rejoin [ now { student: } f2/text { teacher: } f1/text newline ] attempt [ insert s: open sound:// load %/c/windows/media/ding.wav wait s close s ] focus f1 ] view center-face layout [ a1: area wrap join "Server started " now across text 60 "Name:" f1: field 332 return text 60 "Teacher:" f2: field 332 [sign-in] return btn "Sign In" [sign-in] do [focus f1] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage