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REBOL [ Title: "UDP Group Chat" date: 3-Aug-2010 file: %udp-group-chat.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Because this script uses UDP, anyone who runs it on a local network will automatically receive messages broadcast by others on the same network. A separate server program and/or connection(s) to specific IP addresses are NOT required. A "who's online" function is included to list all currently logged in users. } ] net-in: open udp://:9905 ; This is UDP, so NO known IP addresses required net-out: open/lines udp:// set-modes net-out [broadcast: on] svv/vid-face/color: white name: request-text/title "Your name:" prev-message: "" gui: view/new layout [ a1: area wrap rejoin [name ", you are logged in."] across f1: field btn "Save Chat" [write request-file/only/save/file %chat.txt a1/text] btn "?" [alert "Press [CTRL] + U to see who's online."] at 0x0 key #"^M" [ if f1/text = "" [return] insert net-out rejoin [name {, } now/time {: } f1/text] ] at 0x0 key #"^u" [ insert net-out rejoin [name {, } now/time {: Who's online?}] ] ] forever [ focus f1 received: wait [net-in] if not viewed? gui [quit] if find (message: copy received) "Who's online" [ insert net-out rejoin [name " is online."] ] if message <> prev-message [ insert (at a1/text 1) message show a1 attempt [ insert s: open sound:// load %/c/windows/media/ding.wav wait s close s ] ] prev-message: copy message ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage