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REBOL [ Title: "translate" Date: 23-Aug-2002/18:30:14+2:00 Version: 1.0.0 File: %translate.r Author: "Volker Nitsch" Purpose: "i18n-tool to translate rebol-scripts" Email: %nc-nitschvo2--netcologne--de library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'Tool domain: [dialects GUI text-processing] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] prefs: context[ source: %translate.r target: %translate-deutsch.r source-language: "english" target-language: "german" unknown: [] known: to-hash["english" "englisch" "german" "deutsch" "translate" "uebersetze" "save" "speichern" "there are doubles in translations." "Diesen String gibt es schon." {could be the same word in both languages. can break script. contine?} {Koennte sein, das es den Text in beiden Sprachen gibt. Der Script koennte dadurch fehlerhaft werden. Trotzdem fortsetzen? } "really delete this nice translation?" {Ooch. wirkklich diese huebsche uebersetzung loeschen?} ">known" ">bekannte" "edit script" "Editiere Script" "no editor installed" "kein Editor installiert." "ok" "Ja" "text missing" "Text fehlt" "delete" "Loeschen" "this is present in script" "Das gibts schon im Script." "cancel" "Niicht!" ">unknown" ">unbekannte" "Debugger" "Kammerjaeger" ] ;known: to-hash["english" "german" "wrong" "wrong"] this-file: %translate-prefs.r format: [translate-prefs 0.0.0] ] save-prefs': does[save prefs/this-file make prefs[date: now]] if exists? prefs/this-file[ prefs: make prefs last load/all prefs/this-file] ;delete prefs/this-file ;save-prefs' translate: does[ either found: find prefs/known string: first here [ change/only here either odd? index? found[ found/2 ][ found/-1 ] ][ append prefs/unknown string ] ] reversible?: does[ equal? length? prefs/known length? unique copy prefs/known ] save-all: does[save-prefs' save prefs/target source' parse-and-view last-lay] parse-and-view: func[lay][ if all[ not reversible? not confirm join "there are doubles in translations. " "could be the same word in both languages. can break script. contine?" ][return] source': load/all prefs/source clear prefs/unknown parse source' rule: [ some[ here: string! ( translate ) | into rule | skip () ]] prefs/unknown: unique prefs/unknown view center-face layout last-lay: lay ] unknown-lay: [ button ">known"[parse-and-view known-lay] button "save"[save-all] button "Debugger"[either exists? %ed.r[do %ed.r][alert "no editor installed"]] return text-list 550x400 data prefs/unknown[ edit-translation reduce[first face/picked ""] ] ] known-lay: [ button ">unknown"[parse-and-view unknown-lay] button "save"[save-all] return text-list 550x400 data foreach [s d] prefs/known copy/deep[append [] remold[s d] ][ edit-translation load first face/picked ] ] edit-translation: func[source-target][ view center-face layout [ label prefs/source-language sf: info 550x100 first source-target label prefs/target-language tf: field 550x100 second source-target across button "ok"[ if not any[ if empty? sf/text[alert "text missing" 'cancel] if find prefs/known tf/text [alert "this is present in script" 'cancel] ][ either found: find/tail prefs/known sf/text[ change found tf/text ][ repend prefs/known [sf/text tf/text] ] ] parse-and-view last-lay ] button "delete"[ if confirm "really delete this nice translation?"[ remove find prefs/known sf/text remove find prefs/known tf/text ] parse-and-view last-lay ] button "cancel"[parse-and-view last-lay] ]] parse-and-view unknown-lay
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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