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REBOL[ File: %tj-map.r Date: 9-Jan-2007 Title: "Map" Purpose: {Applying a function to items in a list} Author: ["A J Martin"" Tim Johnson"] Needs: [%tj-operators.r] email: %tim--johnsons-web--com Category: [util 1] Acknowledgements: [ "Joel Neely" "Ladislav" "Brett Handley" ] Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [Function] domain: [dialects ai extension] tested-under: "Linux, CGI" support: ["Tim Johnson" %tim--johnsons-web--com] license: none see-also: none ] NOTES: ["An earlier and more verbose edition of 'Arguments is posted" "at I received this as part of a download from Martin," "and this deserves exposure" ] History: {This is (hopefully) an enhancement of the original function provided to me by Andrew Martin. Additions and changes are Noted by (TJ) in code comments} Examples: [ "Map func [n [number!]] [n * n] [1 2 3]" "Map [1 2 3] func [n [number!]] [n * n]" "Map [1 2 3 4 5 6] func [a] [print [a]]" "Map [1 2 3 4 5 6] func [a b] [print [a b]]" "Map [1 2 3 4 5 6] func [a b c] [print [a b c]]" {rejoin Map/with ["name" "tim" "age" 40] func[a][a] ["&" "="]} ] ] Arguments: func [ "Returns the arguments of the function as a block of word! values." F [any-function!] "The Function" ] [ head clear any [ find first :F refinement! tail first :F ] ] Map: function [ {Maps or applies a function to all elements of the series.} [catch] Arg1 [any-function! series!] Arg2 [any-function! series!] /Only "Inserts the result of the function as a series." /Full "Don't ignore none! value." /with sep [any-type!] "insert between elements of the series. If block, alternate elements" ][ Function Series Result Results Words aligned ndx][ if with[ sep: compose[(sep)] ;; force to block ndx: 1 ] throw-on-error [ any [ all [any-function? :Arg1 series? :Arg2 (Function: :Arg1 Series: :Arg2)] all [any-function? :Arg2 series? :Arg1 (Function: :Arg2 Series: :Arg1) ] ;; changed (TJ) throw make error! "'Map must have one argument of type function! and one argument of type series!" ] Results: make Series length? Series Words: Arguments :Function ;; added (TJ) aligned: length? Words ;; added (TJ) if 0 <> ((length? Series) // aligned)[ ;; added (TJ) throw make error! rejoin["'Series length (" length? Series ") not evenly divisible by 'Function arguments (" aligned ")"] ] do compose/deep [ foreach [(Words)] Series [ if not any [ unset? set/any 'Result Function (Words) (pick [[none? :Result] []] not Full) ] [ (pick [insert insert/only] not Only) tail Results :Result if with[ ;; block added (TJ) append Results sep/:ndx ++- ndx sep ;; increment or set to 1 if bounds exceeded ] ] ] ] if with[remove back tail results] ;; drop last 'sep member. Added (TJ) Results ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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