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REBOL [ Title: "tagit" Date: 16-Nov-2004 Version: 1.0.0 File: %tagit.r Author: "Nigel Salt" Purpose: {generate tagged HTML blocks} Email: none library: [ level: beginner platform: windows type: 'tool domain: [html markup] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] tagit: func [ "Returns second argument enclosed in an html tag set using the first argument" tag [string!] "tag" text "content to be tagged" ] [ join "<" [tag ">" text "</" tag ">"] ] comment { Builds simplest possible html document using the tagit function tagit builds a tagged string using the first string argument as an HTML tag and the second string argument as the body to be enclosed between tags } pagetitle: "tagit test page" titleblock: tagit "title" pagetitle headblock: tagit "head" titleblock bodyhead: tagit "h1" pagetitle bodyp: tagit "p" "bodytext" bodytext: join bodyhead [bodyp] bodyblock: tagit "body" bodytext doctext: join headblock [bodyblock] docblock: tagit "html" doctext print docblock
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage