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REBOL [ File: %strip.r Date: 16-6-2006 Version: 1.0.0 Title: "StRIP" Purpose: "REBOL File packer" Author: "Boleslav Brezovsky, based on rip.r by Carl Sassenrath/Cal Dixon" History: [ 1.0.0 16-6-2006 BB "first public release" ] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tutorial tool] domain: [files shell gui] tested-under: 'winxp support: %rebolek--gmail--com license: 'bsd see-also: %rip.r ] ] ctx-strip: context [ gui?: yes list-view?: no if list-view? [ do-thru ;; read-thru/to %list-view.r read-thru/to %list-view.r include %list-view.r ] archive: make binary! 32000 file-list: copy [] get-files: func [path /verbose /local files un] [ result: copy [] files: read path foreach file files [ either dir? join path file [ repend file-list [path/:file 'DIR] either verbose [get-files/verbose join path file] [get-files join path file] ] [ if all [verbose not gui?] [prin [tab join path file " "]] data: read/binary join path file un: length? data if all [verbose not gui?] [prin [un " -> "]] data: compress data if all [verbose not gui?] [print length? data] append archive data if all [verbose gui?] [ either list-view? [ repend/only ~lv/data [path/:file un length? data] ~lv/update ~lv/last-cnt ] [ append ~lv/data rejoin ["" path/:file " (" un " --> " length? data ")"] ~lv/sld/redrag 20 / max 20 length? ~lv/data ~lv/sld/data: 1.0 ~lv/sn: max 0 -20 + length? ~lv/data show ~lv ] ] repend file-list [join path file length? data] ] ] ] draw-font: make face/font [size: 36] smal-font: make face/font [size: 24] lay: layout compose [ origin 5 across space 0 backdrop effect [gradient 0x1 255.255.255 180.180.180 grid 0x5 240.240.240] style button button edge [size: 1x1] 180.180.180 font [size: 10 colors: [0.0.0 200.0.0] shadow: 1x0] 100x20 style field field edge [size: 1x1] 400x20 box 500x50 effect [draw [pen black fill-pen 239.51.42 font draw-font text 100x0 "StRIP" vectorial font smal-font text 200x15 "REBOL packer" vectorial]] return button "Select directory" [ use 'file [ file: request-dir if not none? file [~f-dir/text: file] show ~f-dir ] ] ~f-dir: field (to string! what-dir) return button "Output file" [ use 'filename [ filename: request-file/save/only if not none? filename [ if not equal? "rip" last parse filename "." [append filename ".rip"] ~f-file/text: filename show ~f-file ] ] ] ~f-file: field (to string! join what-dir return button 500x40 "PACK" font-size 14 [strip/verbose to file! ~f-dir/text to file! ~f-file/text] return ~lv: ( either list-view? [[ list-view 500x300 with [ widths: [350 75 75] data-columns: [Files Orig-size Comp-size] ] ]] [[ text-list 500x303 ]] ) return text 500x13 font-size 9 {v 1.0.0 (c)2006 ReBolek based on RIP.r (c)2000 Carl Sassenrath/Cal Dixon.} black 180.180.180 ] set 'strip func [ "Pack files" path "Directory to pack" filename "Output file" /verbose "Turn on verbose output" ] [ clear ~lv/data if list-view? [~lv/update] file-list: copy [] if all [verbose not gui?] [print "Archiving:"] either verbose [get-files/verbose path] [get-files path] if verbose [ case [(gui? list-view?) ( repend/only ~lv/data ["" "" ""] repend/only ~lv/data ["Total size:" "" length? archive] repend/only ~lv/data ["Checksum:" "" checksum archive] ~lv/update ~lv/max-cnt ) (gui? and not list-view?) ( append ~lv/data "" append ~lv/data rejoin ["Total size: " length? archive] append ~lv/data rejoin ["Checksum: " checksum archive] show ~lv ) (not gui?) (print [newline "Total size:" length? archive "Checksum:" checksum archive newline])] ] header: mold compose/deep [ REBOL [ Title: "REBOL Self-extracting Binary Archive (RIP)" Date: (now) File: (filename) Note: (reform ["To extract, type REBOL" filename "or run REBOL and type: do" filename]) ] path: (path) verbose: (verbose) files: (reduce [file-list]) check: (checksum archive) if not exists? path [make-dir path] archive: (as-string archive) if check <> checksum archive [print ["Checksum failed" check checksum archive] halt] foreach [file len] files [ if verbose [print [tab file]] either len = 'DIR [ if not exists? file [make-dir/deep file] ] [ data: decompress copy/part as-binary archive len archive: skip archive len write/binary file data ] ] ] write/binary filename header ] set 'strip-gui does [ gui?: yes view center-face lay ] ] if ctx-strip/gui? [strip-gui]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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