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Rebol [ Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'function domain: 'database tested-under: ["REBOL/View 21-Jun-2001" "REBOL/View 17-Jun-2005 Core 2.6.0"] support: none license: 'pd see-also: none ] Title: "Sort an array of records" Date: 07-Nov-2005 File: %sort-array.r Purpose: {Sort an array where each record is separated by a 'newline' and each field in each record is separated by a comma.} Version: 1.0.0 Author: "Gordon Raboud" ] sort-array-of-blocked-records: func [ "Sort an array of blocked records" ArrayBlocks [block!] "Array containing blocks of records" SortField [integer!] "Order the records based on this field" SortOrder [char!] "Must be 'a' or 'A' for ascending or 'd' or 'D' for descending" ] [ Switch SortOrder [ #"a" [sort-method: func [a b] [(at a SortField) < (at b SortField)]] #"d" [sort-method: func [a b] [(at a SortField) > (at b SortField)]] ] sort/compare ArrayBlocks :sort-method {Sorts the 'ArrayBlocks' by looking at the 'SortField' element of each record and then comparing to see if [A < B] or [A >B] according to 'SortOrder'. } return ] { Example code on how to use} ImportFile: %"ArrayToSort.csv" ImportData: read/lines ImportFile { Each record is separated by a 'newline'. } ParsedArray: copy [] { Parse the records into fileds - remove the comma.} Foreach Line ImportData [ ParsedArray: append/only ParsedArray parse/all Line "," ] Header: first ParsedArray ParsedArray: skip ParsedArray 1 {Strip header from array to be sorted} SortOnFieldNumber: 2 SortOrder: #"d" sort-array-of-blocked-records ParsedArray SortOnFieldNumber SortOrder { Show results of sort } Print Header foreach Record ParsedArray [ print Record ] halt {so we can see the results }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage