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REBOL [ Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [function tool] domain: [text-processing text html http shell markup] tested-under: 'Rebol support: none license: none see-also: none ] Title: "SMS2LJ" Date: 3-Aug-2004 File: %sms2lj.r Version: 1.0.0 Author: "Premshree Pillai" Home: "" Rights: "Copyright (C) Premshree Pillai 2004" Purpose: { Post to your LiveJournal account by sending an SMS to your POP3 account ... using a service like Yahoo! Mail for SMS. } ] comment [LiveJournal config] LJ_USER: "*****" LJ_PASSWORD: "*****" JOURNAL: "*****" comment [POP3 config] POP3_HOST: "*****" POP3_USER: "*****" POP3_PASS: "*****" postEvent: func [user password event subject journal] [ date_time: probe parse to-string now {:} year: now/year month: now/month day: now/day hour: second probe parse first date_time {/} min: second date_time sms_post: rejoin [ "mode=" "postevent" "&user=" user "&password=" password "&event=" event "&lineendings=" "pc" "&subject=" subject "&year=" year "&mon=" month "&day=" day "&hour=" hour "&min=" min "&usejournal=" journal ] send_output: read/custom reduce [ 'POST sms_post ] ] getMails: func [host user password] [ url: append append append append append "pop://" user ":" password "@" host print url inbox: open to-url url forall inbox [ mail: import-email message: first inbox if equal? mail/subject "[none]" [ body: probe parse mail/content none replace body newline " " postEvent LJ_USER LJ_PASSWORD body "" JOURNAL ] ] remove inbox clear inbox close inbox ] forever [ getMails POP3_HOST POP3_USER POP3_PASS ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage