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REBOL [ Title: "Rich Text Format style" Date: 27-07-2013 Version: 0.0.4 File: %simple-rich-text-style.r Author: "Marco Antoniazzi" Rights: "Copyright (C) 2013 Marco Antoniazzi" Purpose: {A quick way to add simple rich-text to VID GUIs} comment: {You are strongly encouraged to post an enhanced version of this script} eMail: [luce80 AT libero DOT it] History: [ 0.0.1 [13-07-2013 "Started"] 0.0.2 [14-07-2013 "Working parsing and drawing"] 0.0.3 [17-07-2013 "Variuos fixes"] 0.0.4 [27-07-2013 "Variuos fixes"] ] Category: [text vid gfx] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'function domain: [gui text] tested-under: [View] support: none license: 'PD see-also: none ] Notes: {This is a very simple implementation. Format is similar to RTF. "\b" starts or stops bold (acts as a switch) "\i" starts or stops italic (acts as a switch) "\u" starts or stops underline (acts as a switch) "\cf(<tuple>)" starts coloring text with color <tuple> "\cb(<tuple>)" starts coloring background of text with color <tuple> "\cn" reset color to default "\n" reset all to default Currently unimplemented Font facets: space/x, shadow Currently implemented Para facets: origin, scroll Algorithm: translate a text such as: test: {Nel mezzo del \bcammin\b di nostra vita mi \i\uritrovai\u\i \cf(0.0.255)in una \b\uselva oscura\u\b che \cb(255.255.0)la diritta via\n era smarrita } to a block test-block: [ [[[] none 0.0.0 none] "Nel mezzo del " [[bold] none 0.0.0 none] "cammin" [[] none 0.0.0 none] " di nostra vita"] [[[] none black none] "mi " [[italic underline] 255.0.0 0.0.0 none] "ritrovai" [[] none 0.0.255 none] " in una " [[bold underline] 255.255.0 0.0.0 none] "selva oscura"] ] and draw using AGG to the face's effect/draw } Todo: { implement all font and para facets} ] rich-text-ctx: context [ set 'rich-text-style stylize/master [ rich-text: base-text with [ effect: [draw []] colors: reduce [none none] font/colors: reduce [font/color none] draw-block: copy [] min-size: -1x-1 line-height: none rtf: none highlight-pen: none cursor-pen: green + 20 cursor-pos: 0x0 cursor-size: 2x10 pen-pos: 0x0 feel: make face/feel [ redraw: func [face action position] [;probe action if action = 'show [ face/draw_rich-text ] ] ] ; parse_rich-text rtf-rules: context [ var: color: none dest: copy [] clear-prop: [] prop: copy [] ; emit: func [value][insert tail dest any [value ""]] emit-prop: func [][insert/only tail dest copy/deep prop] txt: [copy var to "\" (emit var)] comm: [ "\cu" (prop/4: 1 emit-prop prop/4: none emit "") | "\t" (prop/4: 2 emit-prop prop/4: none emit "") ; tab | "\b" (alter prop/1 'bold) | "\i" (alter prop/1 'italic) | "\u" (alter prop/1 'underline) | "\n" (prop: copy clear-prop) | "\cn" (prop/2: clear-prop/2 prop/3: clear-prop/3) | "\cf(" copy color to ")" skip (prop/3: any [attempt [to tuple! color] 0.0.0]) | "\cb(" copy color to ")" skip (prop/2: any [attempt [to tuple! color] 255.255.255]) | "\\" (emit-prop emit "\") | "\" (emit-prop emit "\") ] comms: [some comm (emit-prop)] last-txt: [copy var to end (emit var)] rtf: [any [comms | txt] last-txt] ] parse_rich-text: func [text [string!] /local line] [ if empty? text [text: " "] line: copy text replace/all line "^-" "\t" data: parse/all copy line "^/" rtf-rules/clear-prop: reduce [[] font/colors/2 font/colors/1 none] rtf-rules/prop: reduce [[] font/colors/2 font/colors/1 none] clear rtf-rules/clear-prop/1 ; clear static dirty blocks clear rtf-rules/prop/1 ; until [ line: first data insert/only rtf-rules/dest copy/deep rtf-rules/prop ; continue with previous line settings parse/all line rtf-rules/rtf if block? rtf-rules/dest/2 [remove rtf-rules/dest] change/only data copy rtf-rules/dest clear rtf-rules/dest data: next data tail? data ] data: head data ] ; set-font: func [styl [word! block!] size [integer!] /local font] [ if styl = 'normal [styl: []] size-text-face/font/style: compose [(styl)] size-text-face/font/size: max size 2 ] ; low-level draw draw-text: func [text [string!] dim [pair!] tab /local pos] [ pos: pen-pos if tab [dim/x: tab] ; FIXME: wrong calc if highlight-pen [insert tail draw-block compose [pen none fill-pen (highlight-pen) box (pos) (pos + dim)]] if none? tab [insert tail draw-block compose [pen (font/color) fill-pen none font (make font []) text anti-aliased (pos) (text)]] pen-pos/x: pen-pos/x + dim/x ; advance pen ("cursor") position ] ; ; draw_rich-text aligns: [left 0 center 1 right 2 top 0 middle 1 bottom 2] draw_rich-text: func [/no-draw /local start-data tot-dim alignment edge-size-x xj line-width line-gap text-dim pos curry cursor] [ if all [none? text none? data] [exit] if text [ rtf: copy any [text ""] text: none clear data parse_rich-text rtf size-text-face/font/name: font/name if min-size <> -1x-1 [min-size: (self/draw_rich-text/no-draw) + (edge-size? self) + (any [all [para (para/origin * 2)] 0x0])] ] start-data: data tot-dim: 0x0 curry: 0 edge-size-x: (any [all [edge edge/size edge/size/x] 0]) + any [all [para para/origin/x] 0] line-gap: pick to pair! font/space 2 xj: 0 alignment: aligns/(font/align) ; calc line height once set-font [bold] font/size line-height: second size?-text "" set-font [bold italic] font/size line-height: max line-height second size?-text "" if none? no-draw [ clear draw-block ; calc vertical alignment curry: size/y - min-size/y - 2 / 2 * aligns/(font/valign) curry: curry + para/scroll/y + para/origin/y ; skip out of sight lines if curry < 0 [ pos: to integer! (abs curry) / (line-height + line-gap) start-data: at data pos + 1 curry: curry + ((line-height + line-gap) * pos) ] ] ; calc each line length, align it and draw it foreach line start-data [ if all [none? no-draw curry > size/y] [break] ; skip out of sight lines ; calc total line length line: head line line-width: 0 forskip line 2 [ if none? line/2 [line/2: ""] set-font line/1/1 font/size ; calc and also cache piece dimensions text-dim: size?-text line/2 insert tail line/1 as-pair text-dim/x line-height line-width: line-width + text-dim/x tot-dim/x: max tot-dim/x line-width ] if none? no-draw [ ; justify ; general formula to get start position given type of justification xj: size/x - edge-size-x - edge-size-x - line-width / 2 * alignment ; draw text pen-pos: as-pair xj + para/origin/x + para/scroll/x curry line: head line forskip line 2 [ font/color: line/1/3 styl: line/1/1 if styl = 'normal [styl: []] font/style: compose [(styl)] highlight-pen: line/1/2 draw-text line/2 last line/1 all [line/1/4 para/tabs] ] ] curry: curry + line-height + line-gap ] tot-dim/y: curry - line-gap effect/draw: draw-block tot-dim ] ; init: [;probe 'init change font/colors font/color min-size: (draw_rich-text/no-draw) + (edge-size? self) + (any [all [para (para/origin * 2)] 0x0]) if size/x < 0 [size/x: min-size/x] if size/y < 0 [size/y: min-size/y] size: min size (system/view/screen-face/size - 100x100) ] ] ] ; font functions size-text-face: make face [ edge: none para: none feel: none font: make font [align: 'left valign: 'top shadow: none name: font-sans-serif style: []] ] size?-text: func [text [string!] /local result] [ size-text-face/text: head insert tail copy text join "^/" text ; caret-to-offset is more precise in calculating width (not for an italic font) result: caret-to-offset size-text-face tail size-text-face/text ; since caret-to-offset (nor size-text) does NOT give good results we try to improve them result/x: result/x + either find size-text-face/font/style 'italic [size-text-face/font/size / 8][0] result/y: result/y + (result/y - size-text-face/font/size / 2) result ] ] ; rich-text-ctx do ; just comment this line to avoid executing examples [; example code test: trim/with {The \u\iquick\i\u \cf(139.69.19)brown\cn \bFOX\b \cb(55.0.250)\cf(139.169.19)jumps\n over the \cb(255.255.0)lazy\n dog } #"^-" main-win: layout [ ; big spaces and edge only for testing purposes do [sp: 40x40] origin sp space sp rt: rich-text (test) -1x150 center middle red orange font [size: 20 name: font-serif space: 0x10] edge [size: 20x10 effect: 'bevel color: yellow] btn "Hello" [set-face rt "Hello"] ] view/title/options center-face main-win "Rich-Text" [resize] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage