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REBOL [ Title: "Simple Emailer" Date: 24-Oct-1998 File: %simple-mail.r Author: "Klaus Matuschek" Purpose: { A simple script, which uses the e-mail capabilities of REBOL in a more user friendly way. } Comment: { The user's email address must have been set up in %user.r prior to running this script. i.e. system/user/email: %user--domain--com system/schemes/default/host: "" } library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: none domain: [email other-net] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ; Input e-mail-adress request receiver: to-email ask "Mail To: " ; Input subject if (subj: ask "Subject: ") = "" [subj: "(None)"] ; Set up header information header: make system/standard/email [from: system/user/email subject: subj] print "Edit Message Text (End it by typing . in a seperated line.) :" message: "" temp: "" ; Reads the mail-message from the standard-input until the user quits ; with the specified ending sequence while [not temp = "."][ temp: ask "> " append message temp append message newline ] remove/part tail message -2 ; last chance to quit your intention either (ask "^/Send mail (y/n)? ") = "y" [ print ["Sending mail to " receiver] send/header receiver message header ][ print "Sending cancelled !" ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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