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REBOL [ Title: "Simple Virtual Shrink" Date: 10-Jun-1999 File: %shrink.r Author: "Martin Johannesson" Purpose: { This script is a virtual shrink "chatter bot". It was obviously inspired by the original shrink bot called Eliza. When the program gets a sentence in English, it tries to find a matching rule in its rule database and if it understands the sentence it tries to give a reasonable reply. (Type "quit" to quit) } Email: %d95-mjo--nada--kth--se library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: none domain: 'game tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] chat-bot: make object! [ rules: [] substitutions: [ "are" [substitute-verb "I" "am" "you" tokens] "am" [substitute-verb "you" "are" "I" tokens] "were" [substitute-verb "I" "was" "you" tokens] "was" [substitute-verb "you" "were" "I" tokens] "weren't" [substitute-verb "I" "wasn't" "you" tokens] "wasn't" [substitute-verb "you" "weren't" "I" tokens] "my" ["your"] "mine" ["yours"] "me" ["you"] "I" ["you"] "I'm" ["you're"] "I'd" ["you'd"] "I'll" ["you'll"] "you" [substitute-you tokens] "you're" ["I'm"] "you'd" ["I'd"] "you'll" ["I'll"] "your" ["my"] "yours" ["mine"] ] prepositions: [ "on" "from" "to" "at" "in" "through" "by" "for" "without" "with" "around" "behind" "before" "of" "beside" "under" "over" "between" "after" "about" ] substitute-you: func [tokens] [ either any [ (find prepositions (pick tokens -1)) (find prepositions (pick tokens 2)) ]["me"]["I"] ] substitute-verb: func [prev-word new-word next-word tokens] [ either any [ ((pick tokens -1) = prev-word) ((pick tokens 2) = next-word) ][new-word][first tokens] ] substitute: func [sentence /local subst-word] [ tokens: parse sentence " ?!.," while [not tail? tokens] [ subst-word: do select substitutions first tokens if any [subst-word] [ change tokens subst-word ] tokens: next tokens ] return head tokens ] make-parse-rule: func [match-rule /local parse-rule token] [ parse-rule: [] while [not tail? match-rule] [ token: first match-rule parse-rule: join parse-rule either word? token [[ 'copy token 'to either tail? next match-rule ['end][ second match-rule ] ] ][token] match-rule: next match-rule ] return parse-rule ] match: func [sentence /local reply token] [ foreach [p-symbol phrases r-symbol replies] rules [ foreach phrase phrases [ if parse/all sentence make-parse-rule phrase [ reply: pick replies random (length? replies) foreach token reply [ if word? token [ set :token substitute get token ] ] return rejoin head reply ] ] ] ] input-eval-loop: func [] [ while [true] [ sentence: ask "chatbot> " if sentence = "quit" [break] print match sentence ] ] ] rules: [ phrases [ ["hello" x] ["hi" x] ] replies [ ["Hey, please state your problem."] ["Hi, please state your problem."] ["Hello, please state your problem."] ] phrases [["what's up" x]] replies [ ["Nothing"] ["Not much"] ] phrases [[z "sorry" y]] replies [ ["Please don't applogize."] ["Appologies are not necessary."] ["What feelings do you have when you apologize?"] ] phrases [[z "I remember " y]] replies [ ["Do you often think of " y "?"] ["Does thinking of " y " bring anything else to mind?"] ["What else do you remember?"] ["Why do you remember " y " just now?"] ["What in the present situation reminds you of " y "?"] ["What is the connection between me and " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "do you remember " y]] replies [ ["Did you think I would forget " y "?"] ["Why do you think I should recall " y " now?"] ["What about " y "?"] ["No, I don't"] ] phrases [["how are you" x]] replies [ ["Fine, thanks"] ["I'm doing ok"] ["Fine, thanks. How are you?"] ] phrases [[z "I dreamt" y]] replies [ ["Really?"] ["Have you ever fantasised " y " while you were awake?"] ["Have you ever dreamt " y " before?"] ["What does that dream suggest to you?"] ["Do you dream often?"] ["What persons appear in your dreams?"] ["Do you believe that dreaming has something to do with your problem?"] ] phrases [[z "dream" y]] replies [ ["What does that dream suggest to you?"] ["Do you dream often?"] ["What persons appear in your dreams?"] ["Do you believe that dreaming has something to do with your problem?"] ] phrases [[z "perhaps" y]] replies [ ["You do not seem quite certain."] ["Why the uncertain tone?"] ["Can you not be more positive?"] ["You are not sure?"] ["Do you not know?"] ] phrases [["what is your name" y]] replies [ ["None of your business."] ["Bond. James Bond"] ["I'd rather not say."] ] phrases [[z "name" y]] replies [ ["I am not interested in names."] ["Please continue."] ] phrases [ [z "computer" y] [z "amiga" y] [z "macintosh" y] [z "pc" y] [z "machine" y] ] replies [ ["Do computers worry you?"] ["Why do you mention computers?"] ["What do you think machines have to do with your problem?"] ["Do you not think computers can help people?"] ["What about machines worries you?"] ["What do you think about machines?"] ] phrases [[z "am I " y]] replies [ ["Do you believe you are " y "?"] ["Would you want to be " y "?"] ["You wish I would tell you you are " y "?"] ["What would it mean if you were " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "are you " y]] replies [ ["What makes you think I'm " y "?"] ["Why are you interested in whether I am " y " or not?"] ["Would you prefer if I were not " y "?"] ["Perhaps I am " y " in your fantasies."] ["Do you sometimes think I am " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "your " y]] replies [ ["Why are you concerned over my " y "?"] ["What about your own " y "?"] ["Are you worried about someone elses " y "?"] ["Really, my " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "was I " y]] replies [ ["What if you were " y "?"] ["Do you think you were " y "?"] ["Were you " y "?"] ["What would it mean to you if you were " y "?"] ["Perhaps I already knew that you were " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "I was " y]] replies [ ["Were you really?"] ["Why do you tell me you were " y " just now?"] ["Perhaps I already knew you were " y "."] ] phrases [[z "were you " y]] replies [ ["Would you like to believe I was " y "?"] ["What suggests that I was " y "?"] ["What do you think?"] ["Perhaps I was " y "."] ["What if I had been " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "I don't " y]] replies [ ["Do you not really " y "?"] ["Why do you not " y "?"] ["Do you wish to be ablt to " y "?"] ["Does that trouble you?"] ] phrases [[z "I feel " y]] replies [ ["Tell me more about such feelings."] ["Do you often feel " y "?"] ["Do you enjoy feeling " y "?"] ["Of what does feeling " y " remind you?"] ] phrases [[z "I can't " y]] replies [ ["How do you know you can not " y "?"] ["Have you tried?"] ["Perhaps you could " y " now?"] ["Do you really want to be able to " y "?"] ] phrases [ [z "I want " y] [z "I need " y] ] replies [ ["What would it mean to you if you got " y "?"] ["Why do you want " y "?"] ["Suppose you got " y " soon?"] ["What if you never got " y "?"] ["What would getting " y " mean to you?"] ["What does wanting " y " have to do with this discussion?"] ] phrases [ [z "I feel " x "I " y] [z "I think " x "I " y] [z "I believe " x "I " y] [z "I wish " x "I " y] ] replies [ ["Do you really think so?"] ["But are you sure you " y "?"] ["Do you really doubt you " y "?"] ] phrases [ [z "I'm " y] [z "I am " y] ] replies [ ["I am sorry to hear that."] ["Do you think coming here will help you?"] ["I am sure it is not pleasant to be " y] ["Why is that?"] ["Do you believe it's normal to be " y "?"] ["How long have you been " y "?"] ["Do you enjoy being " y "?"] ["Can you elaborate on that?"] ] phrases [[z "I " x " you" y]] replies [ ["Perhaps in your fantasy we " x " each other?"] ["Do you wish to " x " me?"] ["You seem to need to " x " me."] ["Do you " x " anyone else?"] ] phrases [[z "I hate " y]] replies [ ["Why do you hate " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "you remind me of " y]] replies [ ["What resemblance do you see?"] ] phrases [[z "you are " y]] replies [ ["What makes you think I am " y "?"] ["Does it please you to believe I am " y "?"] ["Do you sometimes wish you were " y "?"] ["Perhapes you would like to be " y "?"] ] phrases [[z "you " x "me" y]] replies [ ["Why do you think I " x " you?"] ["You like to think I " x " you, don't you?"] ["What makes you think I " x " you?"] ["Really, I " x " you."] ["Do you wish to believe I " x " you?"] ["Suppose I did " x " you, what would it mean to you?"] ["Does someone else believe I " x "you?"] ] phrases [[z "you " y]] replies [ ["We were discussing you, not me."] ["Oh, I " y "."] ["What are your feelings now?"] ] phrases [["yes" y]] replies [ ["You seem quite positive."] ["Are you sure?"] ["I see."] ["I understand"] ] phrases [["no" y]] replies [ ["Are you saying that just to be negative?"] ["You are being a bit negative."] ["Why not?"] ["Why no?"] ] phrases [["why don't you " y]] replies [ ["Do you believe I do not " y "?"] ["Perhaps I will " y " in good time."] ["Should you " y " yourself?"] ["You want me to " y "?"] ] phrases [["why can't I " y]] replies [ ["Do you think you should be able to " y "?"] ["Do you want to be able to " y "?"] ["Do you believe this will help you to " y "?"] ["Have you any idea why you can not " y "?"] ] phrases [ ["what " y] ["why " y] ] replies [ ["Why do you ask?"] ["Does that question interest you?"] ["What is it you really want to know?"] ["Are such questions on your mind?"] ["What answer would please you the most?"] ["What do you think?"] ["What comes to your mind when you ask that?"] ] phrases [["because " y]] replies [ ["Is that the real reason?"] ["Do any other reasons not come to mind?"] ["Does that reason seem to explain anything else?"] ["What other reasons might there be?"] ] phrases [[z "always" y]] replies [ ["Can you think of a specific example?"] ["When?"] ["What incident are you thinking of?"] ["Really, always?"] ] phrases [[x]] replies [ ["What are you trying to say?"] ["I'm not sure I understand..."] ["What?"] ["Please continue."] ["What do you mean?"] ["That's very interesting."] ["Can you elaborate on that?"] ["Can you be a little more specific?"] ] ] chat-bot/rules: rules chat-bot/input-eval-loop
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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