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REBOL [ Title: "Enhanced field" Date: 8-Jul-2001 Version: 0.1.0 File: %s-field.r Author: "oldes" Purpose: {To get a field where is possible to switch between normal and secure mode and which is able to remember the history (if not in secure mode)} Email: %oldes--bigfoot--com library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: none domain: [GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] EnhancedField: func [/local f1 f2 f h def-style][ def-style: [ offset: 0x0 size: 570x24 color: none colors: [0.48.0 0.75.0] font: make font [color: 0.200.0 style: 'bold] edge: make edge [size: 1x1 color: 51.0.0] ] layout [ h: field 'hide] f1: make get-style 'field copy append def-style [flags: [field return]] f2: make h copy append def-style [flags: [hide field return] ] f: make face [ offset: 0x0 size: f1/size text: "" hidden?: false edge: none hidden: func[state [logic!]][ if (state <> hidden?) [ insert head pane pane/2 remove back tail pane either state = true [ pane/2/text: copy "" if string? pane/1/text [ insert/dup pane/2/text "*" length? pane/1/text pane/2/data: copy pane/1/text ] ][ pane/2/text: copy pane/1/data pane/2/data: copy "" ] show self focus pane/2 hidden?: state ] ] submit: func[t][ text: copy trim t history/add do onsubmit ] onsubmit: [ ;enter your action here ] history: make object! [ data: make block! 100 i: 1 add: does[ if any [ (data/1 = text) (empty? text) (hidden? = true) ][return false] i: 0 insert head data copy text ] move: func[step face][ if (not empty? data) and (not hidden?) [ i: (i + step) either i > length? data [i: length? data][if i < 1 [i: 1]] setText face copy pick data i ] ] ] setText: func[face new /local f][ face/text: new system/view/highlight-start: system/view/caret: either found? f: find/tail new " " [f][head new] system/view/highlight-end: tail new show face new ] pane: make block! [] ] my-engage: [ engage: func [f a e /local view* pf][ view*: ctx-text/view* switch a [ down [ either not-equal? f view*/focal-face [ focus f view*/caret: offset-to-caret f e/offset ] [ view*/highlight-start: view*/highlight-end: none view*/caret: offset-to-caret f e/offset ] show f ] over [ if not-equal? view*/caret offset-to-caret f e/offset [ if not view*/highlight-start [view*/highlight-start: view*/caret] view*/highlight-end: view*/caret: offset-to-caret f e/offset show f ] ] key [ pf: f/parent-face switch/default e/key [ #"^M" [ pf/submit either any [none? f/data empty? f/data] [trim f/text][f/data] f/text: copy "" f/data: either pf/hidden? = false [f/text][copy ""] view*/highlight-start: view*/highlight-end: none view*/caret: f/text show f ] up [pf/history/move 1 f] down [pf/history/move -1 f] ][ ctx-text/edit-text f e get in f 'action] ] ] ] ] f1/feel: make ctx-text/edit my-engage f2/feel: make ctx-text/edit my-engage repend f/pane [f2 f1] f ] ;And now one example, how to use it: myField: EnhancedField myField/onsubmit: [ prin "HISTORY: " probe myField/history/data print rejoin ["COMMAND: " myField/text] ] l: layout/size [ across at 0x24 r: rotary data ["Normal" "Secure"][myField/hidden (index? r/data) = 2] h4 500 "enhanced (switchable) field with history for R-Mud coded by %Oldes--bigfoot--com" ] 570x48 repend l/pane myField view/title center-face l "Enhanced field example"
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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