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REBOL [ Title: "The rugby mobile code console" Date: 22-Aug-2001/14:14:44+2:00 Version: 1.0.0 File: %rugby-console.r Author: "maarten koopmans" Purpose: "A P2P console for Rebol/Rugby" Comment: { An example of a very simple console emulator that integrates with a rugby server. Original console emulator by Jeff Kreis on the mailing list. No fancy stuff such as auto-complete, arrows, or tabs (all throw errors). The console is started with the rugby server that exposes one function 'do-block. This allows remote execution on a running console! You can add functions and remove functions with expose-function and hide-function. Exposed? gives a list of all currently exposed functions. restrict-to restricts acces to a given block of IP numbers no-restrict drops all restrictions. refresh-stubs regenerates the stubs that other clients can import. Don't forget to call this after expose-function o hide-function Type ? for any of these commands to get a more detailed overview. } Email: %m--koopmans2--chello--nl TODO: { - Add a real console emulator! Anyone??? - Integrate with p2p presence provider on reboltech a la RIM, to provide a world wide console} library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: 'Tool domain: [ldc other-net tcp] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] do read ctx-console: context [ cursor: func [parm [string!]][join "^(1B)[" parm] buf: copy "" con: open/binary/direct [ scheme: 'console awake: func [port /local c r][ prin c: to-char first port either find "^M^J" c [ either error? set/any 'r try [ do buf ] [ print mold disarm r ] [ if value? 'r [ print [newline "==" copy/part mold get/any 'r 20 " ... "]] ] prin ">> " clear buf ][ ;-- basic editing either c = #"^h" [ prin [ cursor "P" ] remove back tail buf ][append buf c] ] ;if find c "^[[B" [prin "curs detected"] ] ] ] print ">> Press a key 4 the console. No history, tabs, or arrows implemented. " print ">> Welcome to the P2P Rebol console, by %m--koopmans2--chello--nl" prin ">> " append system/ports/wait-list ctx-console/con expose-function: func [{Expose a function as a service} w [word!]] [ append rugby-server/exec-env w ] hide-function: func [ {Remove a service} w [word!]] [ until [ either found? find rugby-server/exec-env w [ remove find rugby-server/exec-env w false ] [ true ] ] ] exposed?: func [{Returns a list of exposed functions.}] [ return copy rugby-server/exec-env ] set/any 'restrict-to get in rugby-server 'restrict-to no-restrict: func [{Allow anyone to connect}] [ rugby-server/restrict: no ] ;Set the security settings!!! secure [net allow file [allow read ask write ask execute]] do-block: func [ b [block!] ] [ do b ] refresh-stubs: func [ {Refreshes our stubs, used by other clients get-rugby-service} /with port-spec [url!] {The port we listening on, if different than tcp://:8001 (the default)} /secure /local dest ] [ either with [ dest: make port! port-spec ] [ dest: make port! tcp://:8001 ] either secure [ ; Build the stubs and store them in our object variable. rugby-server/stubs: rugby-server/build-stubs/with exposed? dest ] [ ; Build the stubs and store them in our object variable. rugby-server/stubs: rugby-server/build-stubs/insecure/with exposed? dest ] ] serve [do-block]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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