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REBOL [ File: %rif.r Title: "RIF" Author: "Pavel" Type: 'module Version: 0.0.2 Date: 11-10-2010 Needs: [2.100.96] Purpose: { Minimalistic Rebol Indexed file, "append only" database manager} Fileformat: { records are appended in data file "as is" in binary form. The respective offsets are saved in index file . record size is calculated from actual and next offset. Records numbers are not saved but computed from possition (array). offset are saved in 8 byte size (to-binary integer!) } to-do: {additional searching indexes working with block! module encapsulation 0.0.3 extension partially compiled potentially RIF// schema 0.0.3 concurrence, large files insertion compression, encryption single file format with no speed restriction } History: [0.0.1 Single file Rif inserts slowed due of Lookup table movement 0.0.2 .dat .idx files constant get/insert speed 0.0.3 created RIF scheme ] Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'R3 type: [tool database protocol module] domain: [file database module] tested-under: {R3 windows XP} license: pd support: none see-also: none ] Credits: {Andreas, Graham, Steeve, Greg and everybody who helps me construct the scheme in AltMe} ] ;; Local functions Append-RIF: func [port [port!] record [binary!] ][ write/append port/locals/2 to-binary length? head port/locals/1 ;index port the end of data file will be beginning of new record write/append port/locals/1 record ;data port new record into data file return shift length? head port/locals/2 -3 ;number of records 8 bytes per record ] Get-RIF: func [ port [port!] i [integer!] /local numentry indexpos recpos recend value ][ numentry: shift length? head port/locals/2 -3 ;number of records 8 bytes per record if any [i = 0 i > numentry] [return none] ;numbering starts at 1 ends at file end indexpos: multiply subtract i 1 8 ;compute index offset recpos: to-integer read/seek/part port/locals/2 indexpos 8 either ( (8 * i) = length? head port/locals/2 ) [ ;last record special case recend: length? head port/locals/1 ][ recend: to-integer read/seek/part port/locals/2 add indexpos 8 8 ;internal record ] return read/seek/part port/locals/1 recpos subtract recend recpos ] ;; Scheme definition make-scheme [ name: 'rif title: "RIF Protocol" spec: make system/standard/port-spec-head [] awake: none actor: [ open: func [port [port!] /local path ] [ parse port/spec/ref [thru #":" 0 2 #"/" path:] append port/spec compose [path: (to-file path)] port/locals: copy [] either (0 = length? port/locals) [ append port/locals open/seek rejoin [port/spec/path ".dat"] append port/locals open/seek rejoin [port/spec/path ".idx"] ][ port/locals/1 open/seek rejoin [port/spec/path ".dat"] port/locals/2 open/seek rejoin [port/spec/path ".idx"] ] return port ] close: func [port [port!]] [ foreach port port/locals [close port] ] read: func [port [port!] /seek number [integer!] ] [ if empty? port/locals [ open port] return Get-RIF port number ] write: func [port [port!] record [binary!]] [ if empty? port/locals [ open port] Append-RIF port record ] ] ] Comment { DATA ARE STORED AS BINARY ONLY Usage: load %rif.r write rif://data/file to-binary 123 ; creates files file.dat and file.idx in directory ./data 1 ; returns number of record in db read/seek rif://data/file 1 #{000000000000007B} ;binary 123 or db-port: open rif://data/file number-of-record: write db-port to-binary "importand text" == 2 to-string read/seek db-port number-of-record "importand text" close port and so on million times }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage