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REBOL [ Title: "rewrite-gfx" Purpose: { Using a (forth-featured) rewrite-grammar to plot recursive (turtle) graphics } Date: 2005-01-02 Version: 0.0.2 Author: "Piotr Gapinski" Url: Comment: "Based on AmigaE/RewriteGfx.e by Wouter" File: %rewrite-gfx.r Copyright: "Olsztynska Strona Rowerowa" License: "GNU General Public License (Version II)" Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [graphics dialects] tested-under: [ view 1.2.48 on [Linux WinXP] ] support: none license: 'GPL ] Usage: { a graphics plotting system that uses rewrite-grammars. the idea is that the description of an image (much like some fractals i know) is denoted in a grammar, which is then used to plot the gfx. the system uses turtlegraphics for plotting, and some forth-heritage for additional power. the program is not meant to actually "used"; change to different graphics with the CUR-GRAPH in the sources, to see what the grammars do. next to normal context-free grammars like S->ASA, following (forth-lookalike) turtle commands may be used: up pen up down pen down <x> <y> set set absolute position <d> move move relative to last coordinates, distance <d> in direction <angle>, draw line if pen is down <angle> degr set initial angle <angle> rol rotate relative counter-clockwise (left) <angle> rol rotate relative clockwise (right) <nr> col set colour to plot with push save x/y/angle/pen status at this point on stack pop restore status dup duplicate last item on stack <int> <int> add add two integers <int> <int> sub substract two integers (first-second) <int> <int> mul multiply two integers <int> <int> div divide two integers <int> <int> eq see if two integers are equal <int> <int> neq see if two integers are not equal <bool> if <s> end conditional statement } ] R: 20 graphs: compose/deep [ [ [S 160 188 "set" 90 "degr" 30 A 1 "col" 1 "move"] ; drzewko-1 [A "dup" "dup" "move" "if" "dup" 115 "mul" 150 "div" "dup" 45 "rol" A 90 "ror" A 45 "rol" "end" 180 "rol" "move" 180 "rol"] ] [ [S 160 188 "set" 90 "degr" 60 A 1 "col" 1 "move"] ; drzewko-2 [A "dup" "dup" "move" "if" "dup" 100 "mul" 150 "div" "dup" 40 "rol" A 69 "ror" 196 "mul" 191 "div" A 29 "rol" "end" 180 "rol" "move" 180 "rol"] ] [ [S 160 180 "set" 90 "degr" 32 A 1 "col" 1 "move"] ; drzewko-3 [A "dup" "dup" "move" "if" "dup" 85 "mul" 150 "div" "dup" "dup" 25 "rol" A 25 "ror" 150 "mul" 100 "div" A 25 "ror" A 25 "rol" "end" 180 "rol" "move" 180 "rol"] ] [ [S 160 120 "set" 100 A] ; rozeta [A 1 "sub" "dup" "col" "dup" 0 "neq" "if" B "end"] [B C C C C D A] [C 40 "move" 90 "ror"] [D "up" 6 "rol" 3 "move" "down"] ] [ [S 160 100 "set" 2 A] ; spirala [A 1 "add" "dup" "dup" 220 "neq" "if" 73 "ror" "move" A "end"] ] [ [S A A A] ; trojkatne gwiazdy [A 25 "ror" D D D D D D "up" 50 "move" "down"] [D F G F G F G E] [E "up" (R) "move" 30 "rol" 5 "move" 30 "rol" "down"] [F (R) "move"] [G 120 "rol"] ] [ [S 100 20 "set" 30 A] ; muszla [A "dup" "move" 1 "sub" "dup" 0 "neq" "if" B "end"] [B "dup" "dup" 90 "ror" "move" 180 "ror" "up" "move" 90 "ror" "down" 20 "ror" A] ] ] colors: reduce [red green blue black] CUR-GRAPH: 2 CUR-COLOR: 4 x: 50 y: 60 pen: true col: colors/:CUR-COLOR lcol: white degr: 0 stack: make block! 100 test: true push: func [value] [append stack value] pop: has [tm rc] [ either not empty? stack [ tm: back tail stack rc: first tm remove tm rc ][none] ] lines: make block! 100 img: make image! reduce [600x400 white] view-graph: does [view layout [origin 0x0 image img effect [draw lines]]] draw-line: func [x y dx dy color] [ if color <> lcol [append lines compose [pen (color)] lcol: color] append lines compose [line (to-pair reduce [x y]) (to-pair reduce [dx dy])] ] do-rewrite: func [startsym [word!]] [foreach i graphs/:CUR-GRAPH [if startsym = first i [do-list next i]]] do-list: func [list [block!] /local cnt sym xo yo xd yd cosa sina a] [ cnt: 1 forever [ sym: list/:cnt switch type?/word sym [ integer! [push sym] word! [do-rewrite sym] none! [break] string! [ switch/default sym [ "down" [pen: true] "up" [pen: false] "set" [y: pop x: pop] "col" [a: (abs pop // (length? colors)) + 1 col: colors/:a] "rol" [degr: pop + degr] "ror" [degr: - pop + degr] "degr" [degr: pop] "push" [push x push y push degr push pen] "pop" [pen: pop degr: pop y: pop x: pop] "dup" [a: pop push a push a] "add" [push (pop + pop)] "sub" [a: pop push (pop - a)] "mul" [push (pop * pop)] "div" [a: pop push (pop / a)] "eq" [push to-integer (equal? pop pop)] "neq" [push to-integer (not-equal? pop pop)] "end" [] "if" [if (0 = to-integer pop) [while ["end" <> list/:cnt] [cnt: cnt + 1]]] "move" [ xo: x yo: y dx: pop x: xo + (dx * cosine degr) y: yo - (dx * sine degr) if pen [draw-line 2 * xo 2 * yo 2 * x 2 * y col] ] ][print "WARNING: unknown opcode"] ] ] cnt: cnt + 1 ] ] do-rewrite 'S view-graph quit comment { 0.0.2 2005-01-02 nowe - uaktualnione definicje rozety i drzewka z oryginalnego programu rewritegfx usuniete usterki - przekszalcenia wykresu ("move") dostosowane do rebol; uproszczenie funkcji trygonometrycznych; przyklady z oryginalnego programu dzialaja z nowa funkcja przeksztalcania wykresow 0.0.1 2004-12-18 nowe - pierwsza wersja bazujaca na programie AmigaE (c) Wouter }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage