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REBOL [ Title: "AutoEffects" Date: 20-May-2000 File: %reffects.r Purpose: "Demonstates many VID effects" Author: "Jeff" library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: none domain: 'GUI tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] pic: load-thru/binary foreach [n b][ r-pair: [random 1x1] r-num2: [random length? some-effects] r-tup: [random 255.255.255] r-num: [(random 256) - 128] eng: [make face/feel [engage: func [f a e][foreach i [ [o-range f/font/size 30 8 y: not y][12 < length? effect clear effect] [a = 'time f/font/color: r-tup f/font/size: do compose [ f/font/size (pick [+ -] y) 1] x: not x aa/text: form append effect compose pick some-effects r-num2]] [all bind i in f 'self show f show aa]]]]] [n does b] o-range: func [x u d][any [x > u x < d]] some-effects: [[tint (r-num)][invert][flip (r-pair)][reflect (r-pair)][grayscale] [brighten (r-num)][contrast (r-num)][gradcol (r-pair) (r-tup) (r-tup)] [gradmul (r-pair) (r-tup) (r-tup)][blur][sharpen][difference (r-tup)]] view layout [backdrop 0.0.0 im: image "REBOL/view" pic with [y: x: on rate: 5 effect: [] feel: eng] aa: text 255.255.0 (im/size * 1x0 + 0x80) (loop 100 [append "" #.]) ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage