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REBOL [ title: "Rebol Help" date: 5-feb-2017 file: %rebol-help.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Provides help for all functions, various elements of VID (GUI system), key codes, colors, built in images, etc. which are the source of common questions by Rebol users. } ] print "" insert-event-func func [f e] [if e/type = 'key [print mold e/key] e] remove-each i (fcts: copy svv/facet-words) [any-function? :i] hlp: [ size 720x500 h4 {VID Styles (GUI widgets):} text-list 180x150 data extract svv/vid-styles 2 [ set-face a copy form z: select svv/vid-styles value focus a if z/words [ alert join "Special: " replace/all form z/words "?function?" "" ] ] return h4 "Layout Words:" text-list 105x150 data svv/vid-words return h4 "Facet Words:" text-list 105x150 data fcts return at 20x200 a: area 410x160 h4 "Built in images (click for label):" across ] cnt: 1 foreach i is: svv/image-stock [ if image! = type? i [ append hlp reduce ['image i ] append/only hlp compose [alert form pick is(index? find is i)- 1] cnt: cnt + 1 if cnt = 9 [append hlp 'return] ] ] append hlp [return h2 underline "Type any key to see its key code"] w: copy [] colors: copy [] foreach i copy first system/words [ attempt [if any-function? get to-word i [append w i]] attempt [if tuple? get to-word i [append colors to-word i]] ] append hlp [ origin 440x20 h4 "Functions" return text-list 150x440 data sort w [x: to-word value ? :x] origin 600x20 text 80 bold "Colors:" return space 0x0 ] c: 0 foreach color colors [ append hlp reduce ['text 'font-size 10 62 color form color] c: c + 1 if c = 2 [append hlp 'return c: 0] ] view center-face layout hlp
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage