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REBOL [ Title: "REBOL Document Generator" Date: 18-May-2001 Version: 1.0.1 File: %rebdoc.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: {Generates an HTML formatted document of all REBOL defined words (from the information found within the REBOL program itself). The output file is rebdoc.html. } Email: %carl--rebol--com Note: { With minor modifications you can use this script to create docs for your own scripts. } library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: [tool] domain: 'text-processing tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] show-all: false ;-- HTML Template for the Doc: html: load { <HTML> <HEAD><TITLE>title</title></HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="white"> <FONT SIZE=+2 FACE="Arial, Helvetica"><CENTER><B>title</B></CENTER></FONT><BR> <FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica"><CENTER><B>date</B><BR>count " words"</CENTER></FONT> <P> <FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica"> <!--head--> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="3"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%" BGCOLOR="#B5BB9F"><P ALIGN="CENTER"><B>name</B></TD> <TD WIDTH="80%" BGCOLOR="#E4DECB"><B><I>arg-list</FONT></I></B></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD>nbsp</TD> <TD><B>description<B></TD> </TR> <!--word--> <TR> <TD BGCOLOR="#E0E0E0"><P ALIGN="CENTER"><B>argument</B></TD> <TD>description</TD> </TR> <!--args--> <TR> <TD BGCOLOR="#C59060"><P ALIGN="CENTER"><B>argument</B></TD> <TD>description</TD> </TR> <!--refs--> </TABLE> <!--next--> </FONT> </BODY> </HTML> <!--end--> } html: bind html 'html ; make it's words useful sections: [ ; comment tags as placed in the html code head-html <!--head--> word-html <!--word--> args-html <!--args--> refs-html <!--refs--> next-html <!--next--> end-html <!--end--> ] ;-- Split off each html section: foreach [word marker] sections [ mark: find html marker set word copy/part html mark html: next mark ] ;-- Generate the word list: word-list: make block! 200 words: first system/words vals: second system/words while [not tail? words] [ if any-function? first vals [ append word-list first words ] words: next words vals: next vals ] if not show-all [clear next find word-list 'what] sort word-list ;if not show-all [remove/part word-list find word-list '?] bind word-list 'system ;-- Generate the document: output: make string! 120000 emit: func [html][append output reduce html] get-next: func ['series][first back set series next get series] title: reform ["REBOL Word Summary for" system/version] count: length? word-list nbsp: " " ; keeps the ";" out of the html! date: mold now emit head-html description: make string! 100 foreach word word-list [ name: word ; to get global binding args: first get name ; function's arg list arg-list: second parse/all mold args "[]" spec: third get name ; function's specification insert clear description either string? pick spec 1 [get-next spec] ["This is an undocumented function"] emit word-html while [not empty? spec] [ arg: get-next spec ; each item in spec... if any [arg = /local number? arg] [break] ; bug: not /local argument: mold :arg ; ":" needed to get-lit words: if block? pick spec 1 [get-next spec] clear description if string? pick spec 1 [insert description get-next spec] if not block? arg [ either refinement? arg [emit refs-html][ append description rejoin [" <i>(accepts: " any [words "any value"] ")</i>"] emit args-html ] ] ] emit next-html emit [<P> newline] ] emit end-html write %rebdoc.html output print { Rebdoc has completed compiling the online documentation. View rebdoc.html with your web browser or HTML viewer to read this documentation file. } wait 2 if view? [browse %rebdoc.html]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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