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rebol [ Title: "Progress Bar With Read-thru" Date: 17-May-2006 Name: 'progress-bar-with-read-thru Version: 0.1.0 File: %progress-bar-with-read-thru.r Author: "R.v.d.Zee" Owner: "R.v.d.Zee" Rights: {Copyright (C) R.v.d.Zee 2006} Tabs: 4 Purpose: { "Progress Bar With Read-thru" was written to provide a simple progress bar script to the REBOL library. When using REBOL's internal read-thru function, only 5 lines are required to update a progress bar - see note 2. "Read-thru" is used to download a file to the disk cache - and to provide the data to move the progress bar. The method used to retrieve the downloaded file from the disk cache is also illustrated. } Notes: { 1. Missing Faces. Without "face/para/scroll: 0x0", the button faces scroll out of sight when the slider dragger was moved. (may not always be needed) 2. Monitor Download. These 5 lines show how to update the progress bar. 3. Recover Download. How to retrieve the downloaded file from the disk cache. 4. Refrence/Credit - recovery of the downloaded file from the disk cache Jipe, CoDeuR.OrG "Progress-bar qui fait pro" - updating the progress bar } library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [tutorial how-to reference] domain: [user-interface] tested-under: 'linux support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] fiveLines: { stop: false read-thru/progress/update theUrl func [total bytes][ download-monitor/data: (bytes / total) show download-monitor not stop ] } theUrl: progressBars: layout [ size 540x430 backcolor maroon across space 0 seeImage: image 480x310 top left font-size 14 font-color gold seeImage-slider: slider 16x310 maroon olive [ scroll-para seeImage seeImage-slider ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ foreach face progressBars/pane [ if face/style = 'buttons [face/para/scroll: 0x0] ; Note 1 ] ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ] return below credit: h3 300 silver space 3 downLoad-monitor: progress maroon olive across space 0 style buttons button 67 maroon buttons "Download" [ either connected? [ hide seeImage-slider home: what-dir ;------------------------------------------------------------------------- stop: false read-thru/progress/update theUrl func [total bytes][ download-monitor/data: (bytes / total ) ; Note 2 show download-monitor not stop ] ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- change-dir home ; Note 3 if not exists? %space-station.jpg [write/binary %space-station.jpg read-thru theUrl] seeImage/image: load read-thru theUrl ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------- clear seeImage/text seeImage/line-list: none show seeImage downLoad-monitor/pane/size/x: 1 show downLoad-monitor credit/text: "International Space Station (NASA)" show credit ] [ alert "No Internet!" ] ] across space 0 buttons "Script" [ seeimage-slider/data: 0 ;bring dragger to top of track show seeImage-slider seeImage/image: none clear seeImage/text seeImage/line-list: none seeImage/text: read %progress-bar-with-read-thru.r show seeImage ] space 200 buttons "Copy" [ hide seeImage-slider clear seeImage/text seeImage/line-list: none seeImage/image: none seeImage/text: copy fiveLines show seeImage write clipboard:// seeImage/text ] image 140x25 logo.gif effect [colorize maroon] ] seeImage-slider/show?: false view progressBars
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage