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REBOL [ Title: "Print-Hex" Author: "Vincent Ecuyer" Date: 1-Feb-2013 Version: 1.0.0 File: %print-hex.r Purpose: {Displays binary data both in hexadecimal and filtered ASCII.} Usage: { Like the AmigaDOS command "TYPE HEX NUMBER", this function shows binary data with numbered rows of 16 bytes, followed by their ASCII equivalent. Only the non-control pure ASCII values are printed (32 to 126), others are displayed as a single dot "." It's mainly useful as a debugging tool or to examine unknown data, with cues like magic numbers or ids easily spottable. For convenience, it pauses every 16 lines, waiting for either a quit command ('q', 'quit', 'x', 'exit'), or a newline to continue. The refinement /no-wait disables this behavior. Syntax: print-hex data /no-wait data : source to examine (file! url! binary! string! port!) /no-wait : doesn't stop until the end or a <ctrl>-c When launched from the command line, this script accepts a file argument: $ r3 print-hex.r path/to/my/file (the script name must not be altered or must be changed too in the "if %print-hex.r =" statement for this to work) } Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool function] domain: [debug text text-processing] tested-under: [ view on [Macintosh osx-x86] core on [Macintosh osx-x86] ] support: none license: 'apache-v2.0 see-also: none ] ] print-hex: func [ {Displays binary data both in hexadecimal and filtered ASCII. It pauses every 256 bytes: press enter to continue, or type q/quit/x/exit to stop.} data [file! url! binary! string! port!] "Data to display." /no-wait "Doesn't wait for user input." /local line binary-chars string-chars part index direct try-copy end print-line ][ if string? data [data: to-binary data] either any [file? data url? data][ either system/version > 2.100.0 [ data: open data ][ data: open/direct/binary data ] direct: true end: [ if not empty? line [ insert/dup tail line #" " 36 - length? line do print-line ] close data return none ] ][ direct: all [ port? data not zero? data/state/flags and system/standard/ports-flags ] end: [ if not empty? line [ insert/dup tail line #" " 36 - length? line do print-line ] return none ] ] try-copy: func [value] either port? data [[ either all [value: copy/part value 4 empty? value][none][value] ]][[ either tail? value [none][copy/part value 4] ]] print-line: [ forall binary-chars [ append string-chars either any [ binary-chars/1 < 32 binary-chars/1 >= 127 ][#"."][to-char binary-chars/1] ] print [at tail mold to-hex index -8 ":" line string-chars] ] index: -1 + index? data line: copy "" binary-chars: copy #{} string-chars: copy "" forever [ loop 16 [ loop 4 [ if none? part: try-copy data end append binary-chars part append line enbase/base part 16 append line " " if not direct [data: skip data 4] ] do print-line index: index + 16 clear line clear binary-chars clear string-chars ] if all [not no-wait find ["q" "x" "quit" "exit"] lowercase trim input] end ] ] if %print-hex.r = system/options/script [ print-hex to-rebol-file system/script/args quit ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage