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REBOL [ Title: "Script Library Submission Processor (CGI side)" Date: 17-May-2001/21:10 Version: 1.0.5 File: %post-script.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: {Accepts a new or changed script for the script Library. Inspects the script's header first. Updates all related library index files. } Email: %carl--rebol--com library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: [cgi ldc] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] print "Content-type: text/html^/^/" site-path: %/home/WWW_pages/rebol/ lib-path: site-path/library log-file: site-path/add-script-log.txt field-types: [ title [string!] author [string!] date [date!] version [tuple!] file [file!] purpose [string!] category [block!] ] valid-cats: [ view vid email web markup ftp cgi net tcp ldc script tutor file text db crypt lib shell math util misc game sound compress all 1 2 3 4 5 ] check-type: func [word types /local var] [ var: all [var: in hdr word get var] if all [any-string? var empty? var] [var: none] if not all [var find types type?/word var] [ return reform ["REBOL header requires" word "field of" types] ] none ] check-all: does [ foreach [fld type] field-types [ if val: check-type fld type [return val] ] ] add-file: func [ifile file /local name] [ name: to-string hdr/file clear find/last name ".r" lowercase hdr/file write/append ifile reform [ newline "file" mold name mold join %scripts/ hdr/file "info" mold hdr/title remold [size? file hdr/date] ] ] certify: func [script /local msg file old] [ msg: none either all [ msg: "REBOL header not found" script? script msg: "Script cannot be loaded" not error? do [hdr: load/header script] hdr: first hdr not msg: check-all ][ write/append log-file reform [hdr/file now newline] file: hdr/file file: lib-path/scripts/:file if not hdr/date/time [hdr/date/time: 0:00] if exists? file [ if error? try [old: first load/header file][ print "Problem with existing script. RT will investigate the problem." send %carl--rebol--com script exit ] if not all [ old/file = hdr/file old/title = hdr/title old/author = hdr/author ][ print trim/auto { Script with that filename already exists under a different title, file, or author. Contact REBOL Technologies directly if you must change those fields. } exit ] if old/version >= hdr/version [ print join "The new version number needs to be greater than: " old/version exit ] if not old/date/time [old/date/time: 0:00] if old/date >= hdr/date [ print join "The new date must be more recent than: " old/date exit ] ] write file detab script append hdr/category 'all foreach cat intersect hdr/category valid-cats [ ifile: lowercase join %idx- [cat ".r"] ifile: lib-path/:ifile either exists? ifile [ data: load ifile either data: find data join %scripts/ hdr/file [ data: find data block! change/only data reduce [size? file hdr/date] write ifile join "REBOL [type: 'index]^/^/" mold/only head data ][ add-file ifile file ] ][ write ifile "REBOL [type: 'index]^/^/" add-file ifile file ] ] print "ok" ][ print msg ] ] data: make string! 4096 buffer: make string! 10002 while [not zero? read-io system/ports/input buffer 10000][ append data buffer clear buffer ] ;probe buffer certify data
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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