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REBOL [ title: "POINT OF SALE SYSTEM" date: 28-Feb-10 file: %pos.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { This is a point of sale system (sales checkout, receipt printer, and data storage system) written using RebGUI. It may help provide some basic insight into the workings of RebGUI. Actually, the majority of this code manages user workflow - saving/retrieving receipts. The RebGUI parts are simple and short. Note that the username and password info in the posp.db file should be created and read using a separate method, and encrypted. The example posp.db file is created here as a demonstration. Note also that the first field in the layout is designed to accept input from a keyboard wedge bar code scanner, with data in the format: item (space) booth (space) price (inserted [ENTER] key character). Using this format, and the "focus" code which is executed after each scan entry, the user can continually scan multiple items into each ticket, without using the keyboard. Manual keyboard-only entry is also supported. Taken from the tutorial at http:/ } ] write %posp.db {["username" "password"] ["username2" "password2"]} ; etc. make-dir %./receipts/ write/append %./receipts/deleted.txt "" ; create file if not exists unless exists? %scheme_has_changed [ write %ui.dat decompress #{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} ] do do login: [ userpass: request-password if (length? userpass) < 2 [quit] posp-database: to-block read %posp.db logged-in: false foreach user posp-database [ if (userpass/1 = user/1) and (userpass/2 = user/2) [ logged-in: true ] ] either logged-in = true [] [ alert "Incorrect Username/Password" do login ] ] calculate-totals: does [ tax: .06 subtotal: 0 foreach [item booth price] pos-table/data [ subtotal: subtotal + to decimal! price ] set-text subtotal-f subtotal set-text tax-f (round/to (subtotal * tax) .01) set-text total-f (round/to (subtotal + (subtotal * tax)) .01) set-focus barcode ] add-new-item: does [ if ("" = copy f1/text) or ("" = copy f2/text) or (error? try [ to-decimal copy f3/text ]) [ alert trim/lines {You must enter a proper Item Description, Booth Number, and Price.} return ] pos-table/add-row/position reduce [ copy f1/text copy f2/text copy f3/text ] 1 calculate-totals ] print-receipt: does [ if empty? pos-table/data [ alert "There's nothing to print." return ] html: copy rejoin [ {<html><head><title>Receipt</title></head><body> <table width=40% border=0 cellpadding=0><tr><td> <h1>Business Name</h1> 123 Road St.<br> City, State 98765<br> 123-456-7890 </td></tr></table><br><br> <center><table width=80% border=1 cellpadding=5> <tr> <td width=60%><strong>Item</strong></td> <td width=20%><strong>Booth</strong></td> <td width=20%><strong>Price</strong></td></tr>} ] foreach [item booth price] pos-table/data [ append html rejoin [ {<tr><td width=60%>} item {</td><td width=20%>} booth {</td><td width=20%>} price {</td></tr>} ] ] append html rejoin [ {<tr><td width=60%></td><td width=20%><strong>SUBTOTAL: </strong></td><td width=20%><strong>} copy subtotal-f/text {</strong></td></tr>} ] append html rejoin [ {<tr><td width=60%></td><td width=20%><strong>TAX: </strong></td><td width=20%><strong>} copy tax-f/text {</strong></td></tr>} ] append html rejoin [ {<tr><td width=60%></td><td width=20%><strong>TOTAL: </strong></td><td width=20%><strong>} copy total-f/text {</strong></td></tr>} ] append html rejoin [ {</table><br>Date: <strong>} now/date {</strong>, Time: <strong>} now/time {</strong>, Salesperson: } userpass/1 {</center></body></html>} ] write/append to-file saved-receipt: rejoin [ %./receipts/ now/date "_" replace/all copy form now/time ":" "-" "+" userpass/1 ".html" ] html browse saved-receipt ] save-receipt: does [ if empty? pos-table/data [ alert "There's nothing to save." return ] if allow-save = false [ unless true = resaving: question trim/lines { This receipt has already been saved. Save again? } [ if true = question "Print another copy of the receipt?" [ print-receipt ] return ] ] if resaving = true [ resave-file-to-delete: copy "" display/dialog "Delete" compose [ text 150 (trim/lines { IMPORTANT - DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE HERE! Since you've made changes to an existing receipt, you MUST DELETE the original receipt. The original receipt will be REPLACED by the new receipt (The original data will be saved in an audit history file, but will not appear in any future seaches or totals.) Please CAREFULLY choose the original receipt to DELETE: }) return tl1: text-list 150 data [ "I'm making changes to a NEW receipt that I JUST SAVED" "I'm making changes to an OLD receipt that I've RELOADED" ] [ resave-file-to-delete: tl1/selected hide-popup ] return button -1 "Cancel" [ resave-file-to-delete: copy "" hide-popup ] ] if resave-file-to-delete = "" [ resaving: false return ] if resave-file-to-delete = trim/lines { I'm making changes to a NEW receipt that I JUST SAVED } [ the-file-to-delete: saved-file ] if resave-file-to-delete = trim/lines { I'm making changes to an OLD receipt that I've RELOADED } [ the-file-to-delete: loaded-receipt ] if not question to-string the-file-to-delete [return] write %./receipts/deleted--backup.txt read %./receipts/deleted.txt write/append %./receipts/deleted.txt rejoin [ newline newline newline to-string the-file-to-delete newline newline read the-file-to-delete ] delete the-file-to-delete alert "Original receipt has been deleted, and new receipt saved." resaving: false ] if true = question "Print receipt?" [print-receipt] saved-data: mold copy pos-table/data write/append to-file saved-file: copy rejoin [ %./receipts/ now/date "_" replace/all copy form now/time ":" "-" "+" userpass/1 ".txt" ] saved-data splash compose [ size: 300x100 color: sky text: (rejoin [{^/ *** SAVED ***^/^/ } saved-file {^/}]) font: ctx-rebgui/widgets/default-font ] wait 1 unview allow-save: false if true = question "Clear and begin new receipt?" [clear-new] ] load-receipt: does [ if error? try [ loaded-receipt: to-file request-file/file/filter %./receipts/ ".txt" "*.txt" ] [ alert "Error selecting file" return ] if find form loaded-receipt "deleted" [ alert "Improper file selection" return ] if error? try [loaded-receipt-data: load loaded-receipt] [ alert "Error loading data" return ] insert clear pos-table/data loaded-receipt-data pos-table/redraw calculate-totals allow-save: false ] search-receipts: does [ search-word: copy request-value/title "Search word:" "Search" ; if search-word = none [return] found-files: copy [] foreach file read %./receipts/ [ if find (read join %./receipts/ file) search-word [ if (%.txt = suffix? file) and (file <> %deleted.txt) [ append found-files file ] ] ] if empty? found-files [alert "None found" return] found-file: request-list "Pick a file to open" found-files if found-file = none [return] insert clear pos-table/data ( load loaded-receipt: copy to-file join %./receipts/ found-file ) pos-table/redraw calculate-totals allow-save: false ] clear-new: does [ if allow-save = true [ unless (true = question "Erase without saving?") [return] ] foreach item [barcode f1 f2 f3 subtotal-f tax-f total-f] [ do rejoin [{clear } item {/text show } item] ] clear head pos-table/data pos-table/redraw allow-save: true ] change-appearance: does [ request-ui if true = question "Restart now with new scheme?" [ if allow-save = true [ if false = question "Quit without saving?" [return] ] write %scheme_has_changed "" launch %pos.r ; EDIT quit ] ] title-text: "Point of Sale System" if system/version/4 = 3 [ user32.dll: load/library %user32.dll get-tb-focus: make routine! [return: [int]] user32.dll "GetFocus" set-caption: make routine! [ hwnd [int] a [string!] return: [int] ] user32.dll "SetWindowTextA" show-old: :show show: func [face] [ show-old [face] hwnd: get-tb-focus set-caption hwnd title-text ] ] allow-save: true resaving: false saved-file: "" loaded-receipt: "" screen-size: system/view/screen-face/size cell-width: to-integer (screen-size/1) / (ctx-rebgui/sizes/cell) cell-height: to-integer (screen-size/2) / (ctx-rebgui/sizes/cell) table-size: as-pair cell-width (to-integer cell-height / 2.5) current-margin: ctx-rebgui/sizes/margin top-left: as-pair negate current-margin negate current-margin display/maximize/close "POS" [ at top-left #L main-menu: menu data [ "File" [ " Print " [print-receipt] " Save " [save-receipt] " Load " [load-receipt] " Search " [search-receipts] ] "Options" [ " Appearance " [change-appearance] ] "About" [ " Info " [ alert trim/lines { Point of Sale System. Copyright © 2010 Nick Antonaccio. All rights reserved. } ] ] ] return barcode: field #LW tip "Bar Code" [ parts: parse/all copy barcode/text " " set-text f1 parts/1 set-text f2 parts/2 set-text f3 parts/3 clear barcode/text add-new-item ] return f1: field tip "Item" f2: field tip "Booth" f3: field tip "Price (do NOT include '$' sign)" [ add-new-item set-focus add-button ] add-button: button -1 "Add Item" [ add-new-item set-focus add-button ] button -1 #OX "Delete Selected Item" [ remove/part find pos-table/data pos-table/selected 3 pos-table/redraw calculate-totals ] return pos-table: table (table-size) #LWH options [ "Description" center .6 "Booth" center .2 "Price" center .2 ] data [] reverse panel sky #XY data [ after 2 text 20 "Subtotal:" subtotal-f: field text 20 " Tax:" tax-f: field text 20 " TOTAL:" total-f: field ] reverse button -1 #XY "Lock" [do login] button -1 #XY "New" [clear-new] button -1 #XY "SAVE and PRINT" [save-receipt] do [set-focus barcode] ] [question "Really Close?"] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage