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REBOL [ Title: "The Petals of the Rose" Date: 9-May-2005 Version: 0.1 File: %por-01.r Author: "Arie van Wingerden" Purpose: {This is a small guessing game. One should guess a number which is based upon 1. the name of the game 2. rolling the dice } Email: %apwing--zonnet--nl Library: [ Level: 'intermediate Platform: 'all Type: 'game Domain: 'game Tested-under: ["Windows 2000" "REBOL/View"] Support: none License: none See-also: none ] ] roll-dice: func [ /local i r ][ sum: 0 for i 1 6 1 [ r: random 6 switch r [ 3 [sum: sum + 2] 5 [sum: sum + 4] ] do rejoin ["i" i "/image: copy d/" r] msg/text: copy "Enter a guess and press Guess" msg/color: yellow guess/text: copy "" truth/text: copy "" focus guess show [i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 i6 msg guess truth] ] ] do-a-guess: func [ /local err ][ msg/color: yellow msg/text: copy "" if error? err: try [to-integer guess/text][ disarm err msg/text: copy "Invalid guess!" show msg return ] either sum <> to-integer guess/text [ msg/text: copy "Incorrect guess - try again" ][ msg/text: copy "That's right - do you understand?" msg/color: green ] truth/text: to-string sum show [msg truth] ] story: "Each time press Roll to roll the dice. " insert tail story "Then, taking into account the name of the game and " insert tail story "the outcome of rolling the dice, press Guess " insert tail story "and see if your guess was right. " insert tail story "Remember, the name of the game is important! " story: head story sum: 6 ;; ;; The binary strings are the direct result of: ;; read/binary %imagefile ;; d: [1 2 3 4 5 6] d/1: load to-binary decompress #{ 789C01B4004BFF47494638396120002000A10100FF0707FFFFFF7F0707000000 2C000000002000200000026A448CA7C9EBF6629B4E2080B3DE9C0B7174E2A87D 17896E5F98B698C9BAE82ABB709DD2F86CC5BB07FA916EC28EAE083C8D024C9F 31886A3679CA8E94C97372AEDA522F25CD4191AA2FD9DB2D12CFAF311BB0661F DFF1F35C6EA6BBF1868FFF0F1828E817306878F857000021FE1F4F7074696D69 7A656420627920556C65616420536D61727453617665722100003BF9F64B6DB4 000000} d/2: load to-binary decompress #{ 789C01BF0040FF47494638396120002000A10100FF0707FFFFFF7F0707000000 2C0000000020002000000275448CA7C9EBF6629B4E2080B3DE9C0B7174E2A87D 17896E5F98052E9BAA16FBBEB1076AB57BCBE70EEBAD74BB5E6946E41933C325 CA1474CAA2D2E3A93AC58AA05A1C55CBED1EBFD8B018D394D6AC641290995317 D148E79BDE76CF01E6E51A9EE7D4279676C637F391A8B8C8D89818E01829A958 000021FE1F4F7074696D697A656420627920556C65616420536D617274536176 65722100003BC60D52B6BF000000} d/3: load to-binary decompress #{ 789C01C5003AFF47494638396120002000A10100FF0707FFFFFF7F0707000000 2C000000002000200000027B448CA7C9EBF6629B4E2080B3DE9C0B7174E2A87D 17896E5F9876C1CB0266DC62309CAD3577BFB945ABF558BA9D66F83B1921BE5F 70E901424945D42D35B3F650D511922A257D475DD15894D536C1CF69B2ED2E5F A769260EDA3DEFEAFA5A7E8B17667317081727E8A602928806F4F108192939F9 184079890959000021FE1F4F7074696D697A656420627920556C65616420536D 61727453617665722100003B024B4E5FC5000000} d/4: load to-binary decompress #{ 789C01CE0031FF47494638396120002000A10100FF0707FFFFFF7F0707000000 2C0000000020002000000284448CA7C9EBF6629B4E2080B3DE9C0B7174E2A87D 17896E5F98052E3BBEB0C9CA2E69B3AB96E376466BFD6243C04E28F325314124 4CB4648252D492E5591D1DB3A92697B4FD6AAF62F0B43C3EA155E7B587EC663F A3C41B100EA1737A52181F5AE4F5D7F11736B8178897878568D717F7A6061906 6974F58199A9B9C98919D0091A9A59000021FE1F4F7074696D697A6564206279 20556C65616420536D61727453617665722100003B98485523CE000000} d/5: load to-binary decompress #{ 789C01D3002CFF47494638396120002000A10100FF0707FFFFFF7F0707000000 2C0000000020002000000289448CA7C9EBF6629B4E2080B3DE9C0B7174E2A87D 17896E5F98052E3BBEB0C9CA2E69B3AB96E376466BFD6243C04E28F325314124 4CB4648252D492E5591D1D5151ED955B146D89DD4E93FC428DA161F3177C534F B3D433DDFB2C77BAE71E3A6E3487E1C716D5D7B6413846B85764A7C7C12778E7 7542E986756965F0D1E9F9091ADA19205A6AEA59000021FE1F4F7074696D697A 656420627920556C65616420536D61727453617665722100003BB34E594ED300 0000} d/6: load to-binary decompress #{ 789C01DC0023FF47494638396120002000A10100FF0707FFFFFF7F0707000000 2C0000000020002000000292448CA7C9EBF6629B4E2080B3DE9C0B7174E2A87D 17896E5F98052E3BBEB0C9CA2E69B3AB96E376466BFD6243C04E28F325314124 4CB4648252D492E5591D1D9DA9A8F1EABC11A35B8897D3939ED2D06299DD6137 31E7F8CB8ACD8AE67AED947787E2350787E6F64757644706965807C80853B821 D7E89847192885D96775D2D95106EA71F5617A8A9AAA6A1AB0EAFA7A5A000021 FE1F4F7074696D697A656420627920556C65616420536D617274536176657221 00003B53006099DC000000} random/seed 6 now/time view/title lay: layout [ across label center 230 blue font-size 18 "The Petals of the Rose" return info wrap 230x95 story return i1: image d/1 i2: image d/2 i3: image d/3 i4: image d/4 i5: image d/5 i6: image d/6 return label 57 button "Roll" [roll-dice] return label 70 copy "Guess: " font-name font-serif font-color blue guess: field 30 keycode [#"^m"] [do-a-guess] label 70 copy " Should be: " font-name font-serif font-color blue truth: info 30 return label 57 button "Guess" [do-a-guess] return msg: info 230 copy "" yellow do [ focus guess ] ] "The Petals of the Rose"
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage